Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inked Magazine Spread - Shanghai Nights

Just got the PDF from the Inked Magazine spread and I'm pretty excited! Overall I like it...it's definitely a bit different then my usual style I would say b/c it's more of a focus on overt sexiness and I usually don't work on shoots like that. The funny thing is the mag didn't feel it was sexy enough at first...no it's not outright T&A but I definitely think it's sexy.

I'm especially excited about this mag though b/c it's the first time I've been published in an American magazine. I've had quite a few editorials in various mags throughout Asia, Europe and Canada but this is officially my first American tear! Plus it's available all across North America so for once my friends & family can actually just walk into a mag store or Chapters and buy a copy for themselves...if anyone is interested it's the issue w/ Dita Von Teese on the cover ;)

Below is the editorial for all to enjoy!

Btw also got booked for two Fashion Shows on Sat & Sun...I'll keep you updated on how that all goes lol!


♥Leigh♥ said...

She is soooooooooo pretty and her tattoo is hellllllaaaaaaaaaa cool! OMG!

Siân Lidgate said...

This looks fantastic Jessica! Congrats... I actually really like her tattoo too!

Just out of interest - do CRC offer rewards for editorials where you credit them?

Hope you are well, xx

what the pros do... said...

yay well done on getting your first American tear! Looks great hun x

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Hey just wanted to add I know the pics are small but she actually has a couple of tattoos. A spider on her neck in the one pic (she has pet spiders) and a tattoo on her hand can be seen vaguely in the last pic (she's actually in the process of getting it removed). She also has one behind her ear and one inside her lip (we did a cool pic w/ that one but it was a two pager and I guess the mag didn't want to waste two pgs on it)that aren't shown.

Sian - yes CRC does offer gratis for editorials but it has to be either a magazine that is either available locally in the US or nationally all over the US...hence why I took this opportunity to mention them b/c I use A LOT of stuff from there all the time but I've never done a mag that was available in the US before.

Amy V. said...

wow, fantastic job!! congrats!

ashley said...

Best news EVER!

Congratulations. It looks wonderful.