Saturday, March 28, 2009

? Y E S I D O !

So today was Day 1 of Uma Wang's Bridal Fashion Show. Overall, it went really well and I'm really pleased w/ everything so that's great. It was a little frustrating w/ her changing hair concepts a bit last minute but you know try your best and work w/ it...I've come to get use to these sorts of things w/ Uma lol.

Today was the VIP and media show and tomorrow is for the actual public. Originally, Uma was only going to do the cool, funky makeup today and something more traditional tomorrow b/c she was afraid that the reg. Chinese public wouldn't get the makeup but we convinced her that it looks really cool and she should use it tomorrow too which I think is the best move. I mean her clothes and designs aren't for regular Chinese people why should the makeup be...and this IS a Fashion Show after all, it's suppose to have an element of whimsy and be a bit avant garde.

I didn't come up w/ the makeup concept but I liked it overall and I thought it was cool. The inspiration came from the Fall/Winter 08 Victor & Rolf show. I personally would have done a different concept w/ the hair but again not my call. There were 8 models for the show and two MUAs doing both hair & makeup. The other MUA was Sandra who is really easy going and great to work with. I've worked w/ her when she's done styling but not makeup so today was a first.

On a side note it's funny b/c several mths ago I showed Troy Moth a magazine and he actually chose this makeup look and said he wanted to do a shoot like that at some point. It's only funny b/c Uma LOVES Troy's work esp. the "Powder Coated" shoot. If Troy is ever in Shanghai he needs to work w/ Uma b/c they obviously have some creative connective energy or something lol.

Oh and it's good that I'm super anal and really try to plan for everything and all the details even if I'm not the key artist b/c the makeup concept as you see from the pics below is stenciled lettering which btw spells out ? YES I DO ! (wedding/bride you get it). So yeah anyway I ask Nela who was assisting Uma for this about stencils for the letters and they totally didn't even think about it. I think they actually thought we were going to free hand it...umm do you know how much longer that would take and to get it symmetrical w/ 2 different MUAs...and trying to do "S" or "?"...umm NO! So I made some stencils for print out for the show. There really wasn't a "key" artist per se and I've just realized in China or anywhere for that matter to never rely on someone else to do it b/c that's how you end up screwed and to ALWAYS have EVERYTHING planned for...these are the same reason's I hated group work in high school lol. Yeah for being a Control Freak lol!

Below are some Behind the Scenes pics of the "backstage area" and the actual runway show (wish it had been warmer and sunnier today :( )

Some of my makeup...this is actually pretty organized for me..esp. considering it was a multiple model runway day lol!

The Designer - Uma Wang w/ some of the models...btw don't you just LOVE the hats!
More model pics - the "D" is Michelle - Uma's website/catalog model for her last two collections
More models...I should add I somehow managed to get stuck w/ almost all the hard letters lol - "S", "E", "D" and "I"..."I" was easy but I had to fight for it...seriously lol!
Lining the girls up for the show
The Show
Uma taking her bow
Fingers crossed tomorrow goes as well!


Yin said...

awesome makeup
although the girl with the O on her face reminds me of a character called the hitcher

your makeup skills are prettier, by far haha/

DSKNguyen said...

model tastic! That cake looks so good!!

Amy V. said...

i love the idea of the letters!! fantastic job!