Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Shout Out - Christine Estima

So I just wanted to give another shout out to a friend and former university (Theatre) classmate of mine - Christine Estima. Christine is a writer, feminist, world traveler and all around sexy bitch lol! Check out her awesome blog - The Spadina Monologues (anyone from Toronto knows this is a very witty and cute title for a blog...I've always loved it. Btw Spadina is a famous street in Toronto for those that don't know).

More importantly though Christine is one of the top 50 finalists for The Island Reef Job (you know that job search thing for Australia)!!! She beat out like 30 000 other entries how insane is that! So yeah it would be great if ppl could go vote for her - here's the link!

Also for all you Brits out there that read my blog you may recognize Christine as one of the stars of the reality show - When Women Rule the World! See I told you she was cool lol!