Friday, March 20, 2009

Remember Me...Yeah Once In Awhile I Actually Do Makeup For A Living!

So had a really cool shoot today that I'm really excited to see some pics from. The shoot was w/ the consistently fantastic Todd Anthony Tyler of course. He actually shot the shoot two different ways to maximize magazine potential and already has a few magazines interested so that's cool.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but styling is a major bitch here and it's impossible to pull clothes here unless it's for a Chinese magazine...even foreign magazines the stores won't loan out clothes!?! So you have to have a stylist that works for a magazine pull clothes for that magazine and that shoot and the store basically tells you what you're going to style them basically the stylist is NOT really a stylist...just a glorified dresser.

I only mention this b/c these clothes are actually going to be used again for another magazine shoot on Sunday. The DestinAsian shoot I mentioned before. Todd had the stylist pull the clothes this wk and she actually had to go to Beijing this weekend so she's not even going to be at the shoot on Sunday lol (which is honestly better...glorified dresser remember...NO style). So since he had the clothes for a few extra days and they are all top names he thought why not do a couple of other concepts w/ them since we have the opportunity. The Sunday shoot is going to be very commercial editorial anyway so COMPLETELY different and outside for some parts (this was all in studio).

I'll be very interested to see how the pics from this shoot turn out. One style was very blurred and kind of double vision...really cool. The other was more typical commercial editorial w/ some cool shadowing and blue gels. Overall the model was really good and she was a really sweet girl. Actually I worked w/ her last Summer when I was in Shanghai. She recognized me right away and I only recognized her b/c it was one of those "Oh Fuck...Look At That Skin!!!" moments. Yeah I remember that skin last Summer too...still not any better...unfortunately. Great cheekbones though so at least that was good. This shoot I got to be a little more avant garde w/ the makeup and just hair done getting blown around while Sunday will be a lot more classic editorial w/ a focus on the lips and hair up in a high fashion style (that I really hope I can pull off eekk) but it's cool b/c if things go right I could end up w/ at least 3 different mag tears which is always good.

Man I'm going to have a book full of Asians when I get back lol! It can't be helped really...the Asian models are just SO much stronger than the foreign models getting sent to Shanghai right now. The foreign ones just look sort of short and fat in comparison...I know that's harsh but fuck off this is Fashion not Sesame Street. The Asians have really really improved over the last couple of years in China and they are just far superior to the foreigners that happen to get sent over to the Chinese market (mostly b/c it's not a really good money making market as a foreign model...and a lot of the agencies rip the girls off :( )

So yeah below are some behind the scenes shots of the shoot. They are really crappy quality though b/c w/ the lighting set up I couldn't really use my flash during the shoots so they are pretty dark and not that detailed...sorry :(

Me in my "typical" photoshoot uniform - jeans, glasses and 3/4 sleeve v-neck sweater (hey it's a figure flattering neckline, the sleeves don't end up in makeup and it's somewhat prof. looking lol)

Wish me Luck for Sunday!...6 am call that even allowed on a Sunday?!?!


ashley said...

Looks awesome! i can't wait to see the finished results.

6am on sunday is...illegal, i'm pretty sure. Bring snacks! Banana's always make me wake up.

ps. can you please email me! i've been trying to send you mm messages for seriously, two+ weeks. and they aren't workings! it's

Siân Elizabeth-Anne said...

Oo, I like the blue sequin-y top.

Can't wait to see the final images!