Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Successful Shoot - WooHoo!

So I made it through my 6 am call time for DestinAsian magazine today. I was so paranoid that I was going to sleep in I was literally waking up every 2 hrs...actually I kind of only took a nap b/c I went to bed at 12 and woke up at 4 but sometimes a 4 hrs nap is so much better than 5-6 hrs you know.

Got to Todd's at 6 and the model was already there which was great! Very nice girl named Fei Fei. Apparently a real up and comer and I'm not surprised I really liked her look and she knew how to pose. Overall, I'm really happy and excited abou this shoot and I can't wait to see the pics, YEAH! Things started out a little shaky b/c I decided after I preped the skin to move to hair and I was doing something completely out of my comfort zone today - Victory Rolls (1940s hairdo). I'm not going to lie it took me a little longer then I wanted and I didn't go w/ the originally style Todd was looking for I modified it a bit but overall I'm happy w/ the outcome (anyone who knows me knows hair is my weak point right now...but I'm working on it!). The main prob I had w/ her hair at first was actually it was just too slippery and needed to be dirtied up a bit just so it would hold better. Nothing a little wax spray and hairspray couldn't solve.

I actually ended up finishing the makeup at the first location while they set up lights which worked out perfectly. When I think about it I don't think I've ever had an on location editorial move so smoothly or quickly. My focus was bright Spring lips today and I practically had a chance to change the lips for every outfit! I think I altered the lips like 8 out of 10 outfits lol!

So the first location was The Mansion Hotel in the French Concession. Really nice hotel which had a lot of great spots to shoot esp. since the focus was sort of a 1930s/40s French Shanghai feel. Then we did a really cute location shoot on this old school BMW motorcycle and then we went to this restaurant called 1931. There is nothing really crazy to say here - everything went really smooth and easy. After I got the hair under control it was all juicy lips and fun times! Man I wish every editorial went like this lol. I think sometime next wk I'll be shooting another cover for Drink Magazine and around the first I'm pretty sure I'm doing between a 12-20 pg editorial for this Men's Fashion magazine (forgot the name) that is owned by the same ppl as DestinAsian. Yeah male model ;) ...kind of wish it was a girl shoot though...I mean 12-20 pgs! Whatever still good for my male grooming section I suppose lol.

Below are some Behind the Scenes shots...I know how much you guys love them lol!

Me doing my thing...not a sweater but still 3/4 sleeves lol (keeps me warm doesn't get in the makeup)
I know the hair looks ghetto here...don't worry I fixed it and made it fab!
These are all at The Mansion Hotel
Repeat outfit from Fri...there were some new outfits thought too!
Love these Gucci Shoes - The model on Fri. couldn't wear them b/c her ankles were too big. This model had much longer limbs!
Just looking at the last two photos I remembered there was ONE thing that was fucking weird about the last two shoots! I've heard this mentioned before by another foreign photographer in Shanghai but never yet experienced it but both Fri. and today's model obviously don't shave their at all I think! It wasn't thick hair or even a lot so I guess that's why they "think" it's okay but it was if I didn't shave mine for a mth. Weird...and not acceptable!!! I noticed b/c I usually put some makeup on the knees or bruises and I have this lotion that creates a really nice sheen on the legs that I always use.
It's not easy being a model. That's Todd's finance keeping Fei Fei warm in between shots.
Look at her arms! They are soo long and skinny!
At 1931 Restaurant


Askmewhats said...

congratulations for the successful shoot! You've done great :) Hoping for more gigs for you to come!

Amy V. said...

looks like your pictures are going to turn out fab! great job.

ashley said...

Looks great. Victory rolls are beautiful. i wish i could work that out on myself!

i know a bunch of asians girls who don't shave. Their hair is sooo sparse. But long because they NEVER shave. But they aren't models...

Siân Elizabeth-Anne said...

That hair is rockin'! I've been working on my hair skills too. It's a slow climb, but I'm getting there. Slowly. Haha.