Monday, March 9, 2009

Behind the Scenes - Uma Shoot

Sorry for the lack of updates lately...haven't really felt motivated and well it's been pretty quiet...for EVERYONE (at least I know it's not just me). Nela (Todd's photo assistant) sent me a few Behind the Scenes photos from the disappointing Uma shoot. I thought I'd put them up b/c well...why not lol.

I think the look on Michelle's face pretty much sums things up lol!
Me Doing My Thing...I'm Very Serious Lol!
Yeah Fan Brush
Us Goofing Around A Bit...Notice I'm Wearing Skinny Jeans Tucked Into Boots!!

On a positive note I'm doing an editorial for DestinAsian magazine next wk w/ Todd. They LOVED the cover!?! Like seriously, apparently the owner of the mag sent Todd two emails and mentioned it in both...whatever as long as the client likes it I'm happy. It's weird b/c Todd has done 4 covers for them and he even admits that that was probably his least fav. Just shows you never can tell.

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