Thursday, March 26, 2009


THAILAND...I'm going to Thailand!!!

I've been in the process of figuring all this out for a few wks now but I hate to mention anything before details are sorted out incase something falls through (I'm the same way w/ relationships too). So I have officially booked my plane ticket and resort for Thailand so I feel confident enough in the details to talk about it now lol.

I need to get out of China for a bit as I'm just going crazy. I LOVE cities but sometimes you just need a break from it all you know. Esp. here - all the shoving and rudeness and public urination (in daylight I might add) and ppl staring at you ALL THE just gets to be tiring.

So I'm going to Thailand for almost 2 wks. I leave on the 5th and come back on the 17th of April. Don't worry everywhere I'm going has internet access...I've checked ;) so I'll be hopefully updating!

Upon arrival I'm going to spend one night/day in Bangkok do a tour and sightseeing and then hope on an overnight train headed to my main destination. I'm going to an island called Koh Phangan (wanted to go to Koh Samui but that resort was booked :( ). Anyway, I'm going to be staying at this Yoga Resort and here's the best part...I've always wanted to do one of these but it's WAY too expensive in North America. I'm going to be doing a 7.5 day Detox & Cleanse program. I know it probably sounds like some of your dream vacations lol...jealous lol? 7.5 days no food, but they do give you these cleansing shakes and broth I believe, daily yoga, daily thai massages and steam baths plus twice a day self administered colemas (sorry if that's TMI lol).

I've actually had a series of colonics before and I'm really excited to "clean myself out". Plus while I'm there I plan to do a little sight seeing of the island - for sure I want to ride an elephant and go to a traditonal Thai boxing you know the beach and all that.

So anyway, after that I take another ferry/train back to Bangkok for one more night there. During my final day in Bangkok I plan to do all my shopping...I'm waiting till after the spa of course cuz I'm going to be thinner lol! Shopping is SOOOO CHEAP in Thailand apparently so I'm going to stock up and I need new clothes b/c I haven't really bought anything since I've lost the weight. Then that night I'm hoping to maybe meet some ppl and have a fun/crazy party night Bangkok style...although I don't think I'll drink cuz that kind of ruins the cleanse but I do LOVE to dance. Then taxi/plane back to reality the next day.

So yeah that's the plans...YEAH!!


what the pros do... said...

This sounds amazing, how exciting!! I am very intrigued to hear all about the retreat when you get back. Thanks for telling us all about it :) Keep safe, Alex x

tuniez83 said...

Welcome to Thailand! yayy
well actually, I think Koh Pangan is better than Koh Samui but it just not that popular! It's cleaner quieter and more peaceful. You'll love it too.

Hope you enjoy the trip. Btw when you here you'll find the festival caleed "Songkran" we play waterfight (13-15 APR) so enjoy!

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Oooh now I'm even more excited! So glad to hear that I picked the "right" island.

Siân Lidgate said...

That sounds amazing! I hope you have a wonderful time... don't get too skinny though!


Christine Estima said...

that's incredible babe! i've always wanted to go to thailand! and i still will someday. deffo ride on the elephant! see if you can do some bungee jumping there too, it's much cheaper there! also try to do some zip lining, some snorkeling....okay, just do the things i wanna do!!

MiuMiu said...

yay thailand! i want to go there some day too.