Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ahh To Be Young Again!

I've mentioned before I happen to do a lot of work w/ kids.  Well a couple of mths ago I did a shoot w/ this young girl named Hannah.  She came in so shy and unassuming w/ her glasses and quiet politeness.  Right away you could see she was a beautiful girl but I didn't realize how photogenic she was until she took off her glasses and stepped in front of the camera.  Seriously, this girl was a natural...what a stunner!  She had one of those great faces that looked beautiful both smiling and angelic, soft and innocent...just can't be faked!  God to be young again and have skin like that...heck I don't even know if I had skin like that when I was that young!  I've said it before and I'll say it again...Less Is More W/ Kids!  Just a bit of foundation, gloss, blush, mascara and powder and they are done!  Why would you want to mess w/ this natural beauty anyway?

Btw told you I'd go back to the makeup talk ;)

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X3 said...

The first picture is great. I like the second picture with the brown background, and the way she smiles at you like you just complimented her. She's all around beautiful. Congratz!