Monday, November 29, 2010

Ken & Barbie

Several mths ago I did a shoot that ended up getting picked up by Bello Mag w/ photographer Mathew Wilson and Stylist Alexandra Loeb.  I'm going to be real...this isn't really a makeup story at's really a stylist story w/ the clothes and mannequin style of posing being the main focus but that's fine.  Alex as usual pulled some really amazing things...but I wouldn't expect less.  What I wouldn't do to have access to  her personal shoe collection...although none of her shoes would fit me even if I did :(

The models are Sarah M (Elmer Olsen) & Derek (NAM) and here's the story below...enjoy!

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Sugarpuff said...

I really like the make up on this!
I like working on test shoots with the stylist leading it as can be really inspiring as the clothes might take you off in a different direction with the make up.