Tuesday, November 9, 2010

IMATS Toronto 2010

So this past weekend brought IMATS to Toronto!  Always an exciting time of year when I get to stock up on all the supplies I so desperately need at really good prices.  Like last yr I was working w/ Liz Yu and Ashley Readings at the Yaby Booth. 

As you guys all know I LOVE Yaby Cosmetics and really believe in the brand and know a lot about it so it's really easy for me to work at that booth and talk about the products.  Plus Liz is so easy going that it basically feels like friends just hanging around and talking.  It was also really great b/c I got to meet some readers which is always so much fun!

As per usual Sat. was insanely busy at the show while Sunday was a lot calmer and more relaxed.  What I always find funny is how "done up" some girls are when they go to a trade show...like more then club done up and this is at 8:30 am...there was a huge line up just to get in at 8:30!  I'm also always amazed at how much BAD makeup I see at a makeup show...and I mean BAD!  Seriously, sometimes all it takes is an extra 30 secs to blend out that eye and it makes a world of difference!  I know it's mean to say but it goes to show just b/c you love makeup doesn't mean you're good at it or have a good eye.  I mean I love to sing but no one is EVER going to pay me to do it lol!

The one thing that is disappointing about working the booth is I never get a chance to see some of the great demos and talks that happen on the main stage but what can you do. 

So this yr was a bit different then other years for me when it came to purchasing.  In the past it was a lot about building my kit and buying new products while this year it really wasn't so much about buying new products as just replenishing my old supplies and products.  Which is exciting b/c that means I'm actually working enough to have to replenish things lol!  One of the big things I wanted to replenish was sponges.  Every year I go to Alcone and buy a giant bag of sponges.  This year I wanted to buy 2 but they didn't bring any!  This literally was one of the biggest things I wanted to buy!  Thank god Embryolisse was there so I could at least buy my moisturizer!  I also bought a couple of new brushes, mascara wands, brush cleaner and a Graftobian HD Foundation Palette Warm #1 (my other one was almost done)...nothing really exciting I'm sorry to say.  Oh wait I also bought 3 new lip tars from OCC...that's pretty exciting lol!

Plus for working Yaby I also got a shit load of products which is always fun and exciting!  I practically have EVERY Yaby product at this point but there were definitely a few favourites I needed desperately to restock on like Powder Foundations from the Med. Palette - LOVE!  Some Yaby Powder Highlight shades, Liquid Foundations, some eyeshadows and lip colours.  Plus I actually bought a bunch of stuff for myself to make my own palette to take w/ me for the gym and stuff. 

I NEVER actually buy makeup for myself anymore beyond mascara I swear.  I always just take my cast offs that I don't want to carry in my kit anymore so to actually make a little Yaby palette just for me was actually pretty exciting lol!

Here's some pics from the Yaby Booth as well as "My Makeup Haul"
Ashley striking a pose at Yaby!
 The Crowd on the much less busy Sunday!
 Liz working the booth!
 Ashley & I - Btw I'm wearing my new Lip Tar in Pageant!
 Me being silly...and slightly perverse lol eating one of the yummy Korean cucumbers Liz brought us to snack on!  Btw the lip tar lasted all day!  I even ate an apple and it stayed!
 My Haul!


Anonymous said...

It was sooo good to see you! If my kids weren't driving me insane I would've had an actual conversation.

Make-up Junkie said...

Great post and even better great makeup haul! I'm really glad I got a chance to visit the Yaby booth and say hi! I love meeting other makeup artists and the people behind the blogs. LOL about girls wearing bad makeup and way too much in AM! BTW love the OCC lip tar on you!

ashley.readings said...

I cannot believe that was the picture you choose to put up.

Reveriepapillon (Skyla Arts) said...

i miss Liz! :( Especially when I dropped my pearl paints and the top part of my case CRACKED (it was a bridesmaid that sat on my directors chair and her FORCE knocked it over! I wanna cry!!!

I love what you said about people's makeup~ ;) At IMATS LA/Pasadena, I was with the booth with Mandy, and she said that "You can almost tell where they work by what they wear on their face and their style"

he he!

P.S. Your haul looks pretty much like mine last June, except I also had some Hakuhodo brushes, that really bankrupted me! =/

many.faces.in.pinK said...

Wish I would have gone!
Can't wait till JUNE..our L.A one..