Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bridal Beauty At Any Age!

Gone are the days when we as women get married at 20 and had a handful of kids before we hit 25.  Nowadays b/c of schooling, our careers and overall life goals we're all getting married and having kids later...and as someone who just turned 29 (gasp!) I gotta say there is nothing wrong w/ that at all!
Many first time brides are well into their 30s or even 40s now and that doesn't mean they shouldn't get the chance to look beautiful and celebrate just as big on their wedding days. 

I had a pleasure of working w/ a couple of 30 something brides this past season and both were so much fun to work w/!

Cathy, my Greek bride readily admitted her life was straight out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding lol.  She was actually marrying an old friend from high school.  They got reconnected years later at a mutual friend's party (I think) and sparks quickly flew...ahh how romantic!  She actually was referred to me by this great hair salon in Etobicoke.  I did makeup there for a bridal party earlier in the Summer and they were all really impressed w/ my work...esp. on the Bride's mom.  So ever since then if they've had someone that inquired about a makeup artist they've referred them to me :)

For Cathy, like many of my brides the focus was on the eyes.  I decided to do a really soft grey/purple smokey eye to compliment her cool skin tones and eyes.  I've said it before and I'll say it again I LOVE Model 21 lashes on my brides!  They really open up the eyes and EVERY bride comments on how natural yet dramatic they look!  I kept the lips fairly natural and highlighted them a pink gloss.  Cathy actually had a blue vein under her eye as well as a couple of sun spots she was really concerned about covering.  I used the Yaby concealers and Cinema Secrets foundation on her and they both worked amazingly!

 My other bride Lu is Chinese so of course she was doing the typical Chinese red dress wedding attire.  She was also getting married on that magical 10/10/10 day...if you remember correctly I had 2 weddings that day.  I've been lucky w/ acquiring quite a few Chinese or Asian clients this past wedding season.  I think the fact that I've worked in Shanghai has definitely been a real selling factor w/ Asians in general b/c I'm fortunate enough to have quite a bit of experience working on Asian features.  For her I did a really nice soft gold/bronze/brown smokey eye and actually a pretty bold lip.  She had great full lips and wanted a pretty bold pink to match the pink flowers featured on her dress.  I think it looked great!  I also did a classic French twist for her hair.  The big thing for her was getting the volume through the top.  I was really happy w/ how the hair turned out...esp. since I never got to do a trial on her!
Actually, I didn't get to do a trial on either of the women!  I totally don't suggest not getting a trial b/c I think it's a really important and vital part of the bridal process and it just makes things run smoother not only for me but also for the bride too!  Unfortunately, neither of these brides wanted trials...thankfully I'm good at what I do lol...and both were very happy w/ the results!

Btw I recently updated my Wedding Website w/ Behind the Scenes pictures I took of my Brides and their Bridesmaids...really hope some of them send me some official pictures from their weddings.  Love seeing them looking gorgeous and glowing in their professional wedding pictures!

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Amina said...

they'll beautiful!! You did such a great job! Happy belated bday! I am also 29, turning 30 this summer. I always thought that I'd be married w/ a bunch of kids and I am sooo happy it didn't turn out that way!!
I still have a looong way to go to the road of self-acceptance