Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ben Nye Banana Powder

So I heard about Ben Nye's Banana Powder yrs ago...like literally when I was in makeup school!  But I for some reason never actually went out and bought it...until recently.  And I have to admit I don't know what took me so long I wish I would have gotten it yrs ago!  I LOVE it!

In the Summer I assisted makeup artist Vicki Millar on a couple of weddings and she had it and it reminded me that it was something that I always wanted to try.  It's a great alternative to the traditional translucent powder that I always use to set my makeup.  I've used Ben Nye's translucent powder since I was in school and I've always found it to be pretty good and inexpensive (which is always a bonus). 

What's great about the Banana Powder is that it has just a slight yellow tint and it adds just a nice golden touch or glow to the face.  Not like bronzer or anything like that so don't think it gives that much colour...it's basically just like a translucent powder but w/ just a hint of yellow which I actually think is great b/c you don't have to worry about that sometimes white powdery cast off you can get a bit from traditional translucent powder and I work w/ a lot of ppl w/ yellow undertones so it compliments their skin tone nicely  and it doesn't alter the foundation colour or lighten up the skin at all. 

Don't think about this powder as adding any real coverage though...it's not a powder foundation.  So don't layer it on.  It's just used to control shine so use it like you would any translucent powder.  I will definitely be using this on set and w/ my brides next season (btw booking up quick so if you're looking for a bridal artist contact me now ;) !)

Also if you needed anything else to tell you what a MUST HAVE this product is it's listed on Makeup Artist Kevin James Bennett's In My Kit - The Ultimate Makeup Artist Must Have List of Products!  Seriously, if you've never checked out that site before go NOW and read up!  There is a wealth of information about all the best products for your kit from Moisturizer to Foundation to Eyeshadow etc.

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Vicki Millar Makeup Artist said...

Happy you love your Ben Nye Banana powder too! It's a staple in my kit!