Thursday, November 11, 2010

Last Day in Paris...Let's Visit Some Dead People!

So after 5 activity packed, food indulgent days in Paris it was time for me to leave :(  I had an amazing time there and really enjoyed exploring the city w/ my brother Steve and his wife Ania.  It really allowed me to hang out and get to them as a couple which I've never actually done before.  Plus it was nice to have ppl to go sightseeing w/ b/c most of my trips up until this point have involved me going alone and asking strangers to take pictures of me lol. 

My train didn't leave until the afternoon so that still gave us the morning to hit up one more tourist destination - Le Pere Lachaise.  The famous cemetery w/ all the famous ppl buried there!  It's actually the largest cemetery in the city of Paris and one of the most famous cemeteries in the World. 

We were on a tight schedule so unfortunately we didn't get to visit too many famous ppl's graves but we did see a few notable ones.  I think the most famous grave there is of course Jim Morrison's (Lead Singer of The Doors for all you young ppl ;) ).  It's actually pretty hidden and took us awhile to locate and it's pretty humble esp. compared to some of the other gravestones.  It's actually blocked off from the public going right up to it b/c apparently in the past they had probs w/ ppl drinking, doing drugs and fucking on his grave!

After Jim's grave the only other grave I really wanted to make sure we saw was Oscar Wilde's.  I wanted to see it for a couple of reasons - 1. He has the same b-day as me and I've always enjoyed his work and humor 2. There is a tradition of kissing his gravestone so I wanted to do that!

Oscar's grave was a cake walk to find after Jim's but we didn't have much time after that so we only saw Proust and Balzac after.

We then went for a lovely last lunch and then I was on my way back to London...where my European adventure continues next!
We found a stray cat in the cemetery...bit weird
 No one famous just thought this was a really cool tombstone!
 Jim Morrison's Grave
 Tree next to Jim's Grave where ppl wrote stuff
 Oscar Wilde's Grave
  My Lip Print is the Red Lips (of course ;) ) right on the corner edge near where someone wrote Kiki 01/10


Avram Marian - Gabriel ( Graham ) said...

You've seen the movie of Jim Morrison Last day?
I've seen on
It's strange the death of the Lizard King.
What you think?

riffraff said...

You wrote, "No one famous just thought this was a really cool tombstone!"

Actually, that the tombstone of a famous Belgian poet.