Wednesday, August 10, 2011


You may remember a couple of mths ago me sharing some behind the scenes photos from an awesome beauty shoot I did w/ the amazing Sian Melton and Vienna (our gorgeous model).  Well I can finally show you guys the final product!  I think they look really gorgeous and have this beautiful light and airy other world sort of feel to them.

The story was actually picked up by this new magazine called Veux.  Overall, considering it's the magazine's premier issue it looks really good and will hopefully only get better from here on.  The pics looks good in the magazine but I have to be honest I hate when magazines try to fit more than one pic on one page b/c it just takes away from the impact of the pic but that's just my personal opinion.  Plus they cut out most of the makeup credits which doesn't really make sense considering it's a beauty story.  I mean yes cut out the repeats but to cut out almost all of them isn't cool.  On a positive note my name is spelled right...and we all know that has been a prob in the past ;)

Anyway, here are the finished pics...I'm including my favs. from the shoot not necessarily the pics featured in the editorial  just an FYI.

FYI I went to Pikto today w/ Adamo de Pax to print some pics for my portfolio and they all look gorgeous!  I may be old school but I still LOVE seeing my pics much better than just seeing them on the computer screen IMO.  I might do a little video showing you guys the layout of my portfolio and flip through it for you if you think that might be something that would interest you.


Cands ~ playplay creations said...

Beautiful!! Really lovely work :)

Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts) said...

omg the hair~~~ so gorgeous~~~~~~~~