Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weddings - Love When Everything Goes According to Plan!

Nothing really fancy here.  Just thought I'd share some pics I took of a wedding I did recently in Markham.  First time this season I was hired to just do Makeup and not Hair or Makeup & Hair...kind of refreshing...and so easy!

I think the thing that actually made me most stressed about this job was the fact that I had to drive out there myself.  I know this might sound weird to you all but most of the time when I have weddings outside the city I always have a second person w/ me b/c they happen to be big jobs.  If I don't have a second person that means I have to use Zipcar which is this great hourly rental car service for those that don't know.  I do btw have a full license but I almost never drive.  Before this wedding the last time I drove was Sept...yeah like 10 mths prior lol (If I actually went over my limited driving history it might scare you that I have a license but knock on wood I've actually never been in an accident so don't get too scared lol)!  Thankfully, for weddings I'm usually on the road pretty early which means almost no traffic.  The following week I actually had to drive again for a job btw...all the way past Muskoka like 2.5 hrs outside the city (fyi I woke up at 3:45 am for this job - that's inhumane).  On the positive side actually starting to feel pretty good about this driving stuff lol!

Anyway, back to the wedding.  The bride Anna was so lovely (she looks like Olivia Wilde to me) and her entire bridal party was such a pleasure to work w/.  Anna was so on top of things that I actually ended up finishing early!  It's always nice on wedding days when everything goes really smoothly and there isn't a lot of drama or commotion while everyone is getting ready.  Before the wedding I got a lot of emails from Anna about a lot of details and at first I'll admit it was a bit annoying but I realized she's actually a lot like me - always needs to be in control of all the details and planning.  This also made me realize I'm going to be a nightmare if I ever get married lol!  Seriously, if you didn't know this about me I'm a bit of a control freak and don't really trust many ppl to do jobs I could do myself b/c usually I feel I can do them better lol!  I'm sure I was a nightmare to work w/ on school projects!  Also just want to clarify Anna was by no means a bridezilla or anything like that lol...she was very lovely always...just VERY on top of things lol!  I'll probably be a bridezilla :P

Anyway, here's some pics of Anna and her bridal party...really hopes she sends me pics she was so lovely!

Anna (Doesn't she look like Olivia Wilde)

 Bridesmaid & Cousin

Another Bridesmaid - She has the prettiest smile!

Anna's Sister and Maid of Honour

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Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts) said...

omg jessica...I can totally relate to the driving thing...

when I lived in LA i didn't go on the freeways because it was too scary for me...it took me a long time to overcome that fear!! But now I drive everywhere by myself, including from NorCal (where I live) to LA and back by myself~ It's hard to believe in 2008-2009 I only drove on 1 freeway in La, the one with no traffic!!!