Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Veet Hair Removal Cream - Review

A couple of wks ago I was lucky enough to get some cool products from Veet couriered over to my house to test out.  I always LOVE trying new products so of course I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on some free things!

I have to admit I was pretty impressed w/ what I got!  I got a FULL SIZE Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin and Ready To Use Wax Strips (which I haven't actually tried yet...review to come).  It's actually been years since I've used a hair removal cream and I remember the smell being just awful in the past.  I was very curious to see if this was something they had improved on over the years and I'm happy to say they have...although I'm not going to lie there is still a smell just not near as strong as it use to be in the past.

The product is quite a large bottle and it comes w/ a nifty spatula to scrap away the excess cream and hair when you're using the product.  I really like the addition of the spatula and it's not something I remember the product having in the past.  I definitely found it to be useful when removing the product and the hair b/c sometimes I did find I did need to actually scrap the area in order for the hair to full remove (I don't know maybe I have strong leg hair lol).  The one I got also has 2X more moisturizers then the reg. cream which is good b/c my legs do tend to get dry esp. depending on the weather or  how much I'm shaving.  It also has a pump which makes for an easier and cleaner application straight from the bottle.

I'm not going to lie the first time I used the product I actually wasn't that impressed w/ the results but I thought it deserved a second chance.  The second time was much better.  I think I needed to put a thicker layer of the product on for it to work (it says there are approx. 4 applications/bottle but I think you could get more out of it...guess it depends how far up your leg you go).  It says it takes 3 mins and you shouldn't go over 6...again w/ my coarse hair I needed the 6...maybe even more although it says you shouldn't leave it on longer but like I also mentioned after 6 mins I did need t scrap pretty hard in some spots to get the hair to come off.

Things I don't like are very similar to the things I didn't like in the past w/ this product.  It's a bit messy, awkward and time consuming to stand in your shower for 6 mins waiting for the product to work...guess that's why I usually just shave my legs.  Also the smell isn't amazing but as mentioned above it has improved a lot over the years.  I actually think I would like this product a bit more for Winter use - 1. b/c my skin tends to be drier then and shaving can dry out the skin more 2. b/c then I can allow my hair to grow for a couple of days before using the product...in the Summer I tend to shave every day or every other day but I felt this product worked better if I let the hair grow for a couple of days which is hard b/c I wear a lot of dresses and skirts in the Summer and I'm not a fan of leg stubble lol.

I did like that it left my skin feeling very soft and moisturized afterward.  Also I found that my hair did seem to grow back a bit slower after then w/ traditional shaving...and a bit finer/less coarse too which is always a good thing!

So overall I would use this product again...esp. in the Winter mths.  If you're someone that likes hair removal creams then it's definitely a good option and has great packaging to keep everything clean and tidy.  I really do like the pump for the bottle and the spatula for removal.

Wax strip review to come soon...just need to find a willing victim...I mean participant ;)

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Anonymous said...

The Veet pump bottle is fine until you near the bottom - heaps of cream cannot be pumped out, I'd say a fifth of the bottle is left. You need to struggle with knives etc to prise the very strong top off - it has happened each time I buy and I think it is such a mean little ploy to make us buy the next bottle sooner.