Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Featured Artist - As Seen In Dripbook

Guess who is one of this mth's featured artists in Dripbook's mthly newsletter!  That's right it's me!  For those that don't know Dripbook is this pretty awesome site that showcases the work of a lot of amazing and talents ppl in the biz including but not limited to photographers, stylists, retouchers, makeup artists, hair stylists etc.

They also do my website which I get a ton of compliments on and they make it so easy to update that even a computer idiot like me can do it w/ no problems at all!

Anyway, every mth they send out a newsletter which features the work of some of the artists on their site and this mth I happen to be the Featured Makeup Artist!  A couple of wks ago they contacted me about writing a little bio for the newsletter and I have to admit I was shocked they were contacting me.  I'm not being modest here but seriously a lot of the artists I've seen featured have REALLY amazing portfolios and REALLY amazing clients fact a lot of have been artists that I look up to.  Although, I'd like to think my portfolio is relatively strong I know there is always room for improvement and to be honest my client list doesn't include the names you frequently see mentioned by the artists involved.

Maybe it has something to do w/ the new work I've put up recently I don't know but whatever it is it makes me happy to be featured!  I noticed the whole newsletter has a sort of Beach/Water theme and they used one of my pics from the Sol y Mar shoot so that's cool too.

So take a look at the little newsletter if you like!


Darcie said...

That's awesome!! Congratulations!!

skyla.arts said...

congratulations!!!!!! you deserve the spotlight girl~~~ :) those images that you mentioned looked amazeballs~