Monday, August 15, 2011

Timeless Elegance w/ a Modern Twist

A few wks ago I had the pleasure of working w/ a wonderful and beautiful bride named Meghan and her entire wedding party and mother.  It was really such a great wedding and it went so smooth thanks in part to Ashley Readings who did all the hair for the day and Alice who assisted the two of us.  It was a large group w/ 7 ppl both Hair & Makeup and you know what my speed and timing has been in the zone lately b/c we finished EARLY!  I was so early in fact that when her aunt came over w/ some not so flattering makeup I was able to take her into my chair and fix it for her.  It was actually quite amusing, she apparently never wears makeup and her husband had read something online about a "smokey eye" and HE decided to do her makeup for the wedding!  Let's just put it this way, basically he took a very dark GREEN eye shadow (her only eye shadow) and just smudged it all over her lid like to black eyes (well green eyes technically lol).  Umm I think this goes w/out saying but ladies - DON'T let your husband/boyfriend do your makeup unless he is a trained makeup artist lol.

Meghan actually found me through Mango Studios who she hired to be her wedding photographers.  I know Zach Hertzman from a couple of editorials and he works for the company but he actually wasn't shooting this wedding.  One of the co-owners Nancy was shooting it and I can't wait to see the pics b/c Mango Studios is seriously one of my fav. wedding photography studios in the city.  They do such gorgeous wedding work and it has such a modern feel to it which is what I'm all about when it comes to weddings.

Meghan was a very organized bride and very meticulous in her planning...she even did a second makeup trial to make sure we got everything just right.  But she also changed things up a bit...bought a second dress b/c she realized the first one wasn't "the right one", changed her hairstyle from the trial a couple of days before the wedding.  You'd think these sorts of things might lead to stress but not at all...Ashley totally rocked the wedding hairstyle that Meghan wanted...didn't hurt that Meghan has TONS of hair to work w/ in the first place lol!  And I have to be honest I DEFINITELY think she made the right choice in changing the dress...I wasn't that crazy about the first one but I LOVED the second one.  It had a bit of a vintage feel to it but still looked so modern and actually quite a bit different from "usual" wedding dresses I see.  Plus this girl rocked an awesome fascinator!  I LOVE fascinators and I LOVE when brides are bold enough to wear them b/c they just add so much personality to everything!

For the makeup it was all about accentuating Meghan's gorgeous big blue eyes.  We did a bit of a peach/brown smokey eye w/ a touch of gold.  Kept the face really fresh w/ a soft flushed cheek and a soft matte lip (also love when brides are not afraid of lipstick).

Most of the bridesmaids were "natural" girls so I wanted to keep them comfortable and play up their eyes in a natural way that wouldn't make them feel "too made up" or "uncomfortable".  Meghan actually wrote me one of the most lovely reviews and commented that at one point she remembers looking around the room and thinking that she'd never seen her friends looks so beautiful...I seriously think that's one of the nicest compliments a bride has given me!

So here's a couple of pictures of the beautiful bride, mom and friends!

Even a couple of me working...thanks Ashley ;)  I cropped in on this pic and as far as pics of me working go I actually really like this one...I don't look quite as mean as usual lol!

I like this pic b/c we can see both the Front & Back...albeit a little blurry.


Bride & her Mom...I thought her mom looked so good too!  Man I LOVE that fascinator!


Darcie said...

I love you blog. You make it so personable and fun. I am in the process of getting my certification and I live in the Indianapolis area. I think you are very inspiring! The makeup looks beautiful!

I linked your blog in mine. Feel free to check it out.

I always look forward to reading your posts!

swanson said...

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