Monday, August 1, 2011

Raw Beauty

Well Adamo de Pax has done it again!  Less than a wk after I put up the last story from him he already finished the next story we did that epic photo shoot day!  I LOVE how much variety we are getting all out of one shoot day...seriously it's insane!  Every story is so completely different from the other you wouldn't even know they were all shot on the same day and it's so exciting waiting to see what Adamo is going to do next!   I should probably stop bragging about him so much...soon everyone is going to want to shoot w/ him and I won't even get a chance lol ;)

I really wish I could show you the one story that we are still trying to shop around to get picked up by a magazine b/c it's seriously gorgeous...and like I said before so different from everything else!  It really is amazing how much range and variety you can get out of 4 models that all started w/ the exact same look.  Yes, I know I keep repeating it but seriously it's crazy lol!

The last story w/ Sarah was very clean and fresh and this one w/ Bea is so different from that in every way.  It's raw and edgy and I really really like it!  Bea was really great at emoting that raw sexuality and vulnerability we were looking for w/ this one and she's barely recognizable from the clean face original pic.  Yes the makeup is still really clean here but it's amazing what just changing the lighting, switching a pic to B&W and messing w/ one's hair can do to an image.  Hope you like!