Thursday, August 11, 2011


Lucky You, Lucky Me - Bringing you Two New Editorials in Two Days!  Unfortunately, after this one I'm going to be real there won't be anymore "new" work for a bit b/c I'm just busy doing weddings and things like that but don't worry obviously I'll still be writing fun and interesting entries.  Plus I think I am going to do a little video about the layout of my portfolio so you guys can see it all printed and maybe understand a bit more about portfolio flow and stories and all that stuff!

So here is the FINAL story from my epic shoot day w/ photographer Adamo de Pax that I've written so much about these past couple of mths.  Originally, we were trying to get this published but no one was biting :(  I still think it's gorgeous!  To be honest I don't always get magazine editors and the stories they pick up b/c sometimes I see some really boring or crappy stuff published.

Anyway, Adamo and I agreed it's better to just release the images and put them up on our sites then have them published in a subpar magazine.  Truth is (and I'm not trying to brag here) I've had a lot of stories published and the majority of stories in my book are published so I don't really care if I have some pics that aren't published in a magazine b/c to me it's better to have a book full of strong stories then to really concern myself w/ the fact of whether or not a couple of stories weren't picked up by magazines.  Plus having a story published in a crappy magazine doesn't really mean anything or get me any farther ahead this point so who cares.

I love this story b/c it is a progression of one idea and Andrea (the model) did an amazing job of capturing the mood which is sort of like the makeup is possessing or spreading across her like a disease and turning her evil.  Of course Adamo did an amazing job as per usual too!  If anyone is curious I mostly used OCC pigments and the Gold is from my MUFE Flash Palette.

I really love that you can see the texture of the makeup in these pics and I esp. love the bit of red that landed on Andrea's eyelashes lol!