Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Asian Beauty - Behind the Scenes

Last week I got to reunite and work w/ one of my all time fav photographer friend's Todd Anthony Tyler.  Yes, that's right the same Todd Anthony Tyler that first suggested I go out to Shanghai and try my luck their back when I was all fresh and new to the makeup world.  Can you believe it's been almost 4 yrs since I went out there for 6 mths and started this blog!  Wow have things changed!

Well anyway, I've of course seen him a few times in the past few years (pretty much anytime he's been back to Canada to visit his family).  But this marked the first time in 3.5 years that we actually got the chance to work w/ one another again!  When I look back man has my work changed a lot in the past 4 yrs...esp. my hair skills.  I'm like a completely different artist when it comes to that!

This wasn't a fancy or really technical fact it was beyond shots that we actually shot on my back patio and roof!  No styling, props, fancy lights...just outdoors, a couple of models and the focus all on their faces!  Hopefully next time we'll get to a full on styled shoot...but this little "mini shoot" will have to hold me over until then ;)

In recent mths Todd has been working on Asia's Next Top Model as a Lead Judge and Resident Photographer...kind of like the Nigel Barker of this incarnation of the show.  As you can imagine this is a pretty big deal b/c it's not just China but for all of Asia and they are doing the show to showcase all the different types of beauty across Asia which are varied and vast.

Anyway, Todd is thinking of putting together a book to showcase all the different types of Asian beauty...which he knows just a thing or two about after living over there all these years!  So while in Toronto he wanted to do a simple beauty shoot w/ a few of Toronto's Asian beauties.

The great thing about the shoot as I mentioned before was that it was a beauty shoot...therefore the makeup was key.  I wanted to keep things on trend, striking and I often do w/ my style but also timeless so that in a few years ppl wouldn't look at the pics and think "Oh that's so 2012" or whatever.  We were working w/ two models and I always like to think of things in terms of "stories" or "pages" for my book...I've mentioned before to new artists the importance of thinking this way when doing shoots.

I decided I would do the first model Gail w/ a very clean face (I didn't even put eyeliner on her eyes) but a very deep burgundy lip which is very hot right now.  For the second model Pem I kept the lips nude but did a very striking black graphic liner and big false lash.  For both girls I kept the skin really clean and focused more on highlight and contour for the cheeks.  Hair really natural and down.  I should give a special thanks to Spot 6 for sending us two really great, friendly and professional models!

As I mentioned before we shot both girls just outside on my deck...well technically in my bedroom doorway.  Love when I can do a shoot at my apt...makes doing the hair and makeup so easy when it's at my place lol!  It was a really bright and sunny day...and hot too!  For Pem we expanded and actually took her up to my roof which is flat and overlooks the city...really kind of excited to see these ones as I've never had anyone shoot on my roof before.  I got the idea after I noticed that some of my neighbours when up their to watch the Pride Parade this past Summer (I live on Yonge near Wellesley so Pride goes literally right down my street).

So here's some behind the scenes photos taken by Todd's lovely wife Karina...she's def. got some talent herself ;)  Can't wait to see the finished product!

 Me Doing My Thang!...With The Trademark Jessica Intensity Of Course ;)


Nice Yaby Macro...Even Though I Didn't Use Any Of These On This Shoot They Still Look So Pretty!

Now It's Todd's Turn To Look Intense...This Is Up On My Roof!

Todd May Start A Shoot Standing...But By The End He's Always On The Ground Lol!

End Of The Shoot!

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Looks like such a great time! Totally jealous :)