Monday, September 17, 2012

Yves Rocher - Taking A Bit Of Summer With Me Into Fall!

Several weeks ago I received an amazing package from the wonderful ppl at Yves Rocher with a whole assortment of products from their Tribal Attitude and Monoi Collections.  As you can imagine I have a lot of makeup and tend to try out a lot of different products but overall I keep w/ the same handful of products for my everyday use.

 But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised w/ the Yves Rocher products having not had much experience w/ them before.  There are actually a couple of really stand out products in these collections that have actually worked their way into my daily makeup routine!  Trust me this is actually a big deal!

I'm not going to go into extensive detail about all of the products they sent me b/c there were a lot but I am going to touch on my personal favs and what makes them so great to me.

I'll start w/ the Tribal Attitude Collection.

Shimmering Bronzer - Terracotta - For those that don't know I'm a big bronzer fan.  In fact just a couple of weeks ago a facialist commented how surprised she was at how pale my face actually is when she took off all my makeup lol.  The thing is all the acne products I use on my skin plus my daily use of SPF (so important) has left my face quite pale and white...esp. compared to my body.  Therefore bronzer is a necessity in my daily makeup routine!  I really liked this's slightly shimmery but not crazy sparkly like a lot of bronzers.  It gives a nice colour..not too orange or dark and it blends really smoothly into the skin and a little product goes a long way.

Shimmering Lips - Sienna Red - As we all know I'm a big fan of Red Lips!  But in the Summer or for casual day wear I'll admit I like to keep it a little more glossy and not as matte or heavy.  I've been wearing this lip gloss non-stop since I got it.  It's really smooth, light weight, moisturizing and glossy and not at all sticky...which is so annoying w/ a lot of lip glosses but it also has a great colour pay off esp. when you consider it's a gloss.  So I can get a pop of colour but still feel moisturized and smooth!

Pearly Water - This is a golden pearly, shimmery liquid gel that's great for your shoulders, decollete or legs...esp. for a sexy night out when you want to glow and catch some sparkle in the light.  It says you can use it on your face too but I have to be honest I would use extreme caution in doing so and only use it on areas you want to highlight like your cheekbones or brow bone.  It is quite sparkly and a common mistake I see girls making is using products like this (or sparkly bronzers) all over their don't want to look like a disco ball after all!

Liquid Eyeliner - Believe it or not I've never really bought a liquid eye liner before.  In the past I've always used creams, gels or eyeshadows w/ mixing mediums when I wanted to get that crisp, clean, precise look that liquid liner gives.  The reason is I can't really carry liquid liners in my kit b/c I can't use the brush from the tube one multiply ppl.  So when I got this product it was really fun to experiment and play w/ esp. b/c it's a really gorgeous, vibrant teal/blue shade...which if you've been watching the Spring/Summer 13 runway looks you'll know vibrant shades of blue esp. on the eyes have been all over the runway!  So why not be ahead of the curve and start wearing it now ;)

Nail Polish - I also got two little mini bottles of nail polish which I'm specifically mentioning b/c I love the mini size!  I don't know about you but I NEVER get through an entire bottle of  nail polish before it goes bad b/c well there are just so many different why not just get mini bottles...they are more affordable and less wasteful - Win/Win in my book!

Now on to the Monoi Collection.

Eau des Vahines Eau du Toilette  - I've mentioned this before but I'm a big fan of scents that have a sort of tropical, coconut or vacation feel to them so of course pretty much anything from the Monoi collection is right up my alley.  This is a really nice scent if you too like sensual, tropical, coconut fragrances.  It's not over powering and is definitely more on the youthful side plus it's paraben free which is always a good thing!

Traditional Gardenia Oil - Really nice oil product for things like dry hair or dry skin.  I esp. like it for dry legs which is definitely a problem for me in the colder mths!  It also helps to make your tan look deeper or more radiant so great for those trying to prolong that Summer bronzed look into Fall.

Also not part of the Monoi or Tribal Collections but still Tropical and Delightful are the Travel Size Shower Creams I got in Pineapple-Coconut Smoothie and Mango-Passion Fruit Smoothie!

Make sure to keep a look out for my upcoming review on
the Hydra Vegetal Skincare & Shower line...great for keeping your skin hydrated and soft in this upcoming cold and windy mths!

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