Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Featured On Style Me Pretty...AGAIN!

Look who's work is featured on Style Me Pretty Again...yes that's right little ol' me ;)...and guess what this time it's the main website not just the Canadian version!

Just a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working w/ an amazing bride Janine for her wedding day.  I did her Hair & Makeup in Toronto in her gorgeous loft (seriously I thought it was so amazing it almost made me want to live on the East side...almost ;) ) from there she traveled to Niagara where she had one of the most beautiful, rustic chic weddings at a winery I've ever seen.

Janine wanted a very fresh, low maintenance and almost undone look for her wedding...something that worked beautifully w/ the surroundings and her dress.  I kept her makeup super clean and light and played up her beautiful natural features w/ a very neutral eye, a glow to the cheek and a bit of nude/pink on the lips.

It was also important to Janine that her hair look natural and again almost undone..which believe it or not it's actually sometimes harder to create a beautifully undone but still finished look then really styled and polished. Especially when you have to consider she was traveling to Niagara b/c I had to make the hair look beautiful and soft but still last through all the travel and time.  To help create this look I handmade a set of custom clip-in extensions for Janine like I do for a lot of my brides.  It really is the best thing when you want to create a look of full, natural and gorgeous hair...that so many of us crave but naturally have unfortunately.

I should mention the pics on Style Me Pretty are mostly focused on the decor b/c it was Mimosa Flower Studio that submitted the story...and the flowers were gorgeous as you can see!  Also a big shout out to Nataschia Wielink for taking such beautiful pictures that day!

Here's some of my favs from Style Me Pretty and a few Janine shared w/ me that feature her a bit more ;)

The Venue

Gorgeous Table Settings

Janine w/ the Flower Girls!

What a good looking couple!

Love Her Dress!

How Cute Are These Kids!

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