Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wedding Movie Magic!

Videographers are becoming more and more popular and commonplace during weddings now.  It's another great way to capture all the special moments of the wedding in a live action way that you just can't get through photos.  It's like watching your very own special mini movie completely dedicated to your special day!

Last Sat. I worked a wedding w/ a wonderful bride Mary Rose and her amazing and gregarious group of friends and family.  She had a full house packed into the conjoined hotel rooms - Bride, Mother, 6 Bridesmaids, Flower Girl and a whole photographic and video team...oh  yeah and me and my assistant Angelina lol!

Her videographers were amazing and I don't know how they did it but they already put together a video from the wedding!  Actually I think Rose sent me the video on Monday...the wedding was Saturday...that's an INSANE turnaround time!  And the video is SO GOOD!  Rose looks gorgeous and you can't hide anything w/ video so I know I did a good job ;)  I did her Hair & Makeup and the rest of the bridal party's hair...and can I just say my hair skills were ON on Saturday lol!

Check it out here and ENJOY!  You'll even see me making a couple of "cameo" appearances in the video ;)

alex + mary rose SDE
 from mc sabado on Vimeo.

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