Thursday, September 27, 2012

What A Doll!

Wedding season is slowly winding down...still another good mth ahead but as I finish up my two busiest mths to date it's nice to see that I'm starting to receive wedding pics from some of my gracious and generous brides.  It's so funny some brides get their pics in a matter of weeks while others it takes mths.  I just received a bunch of pics from a beautiful bride of mine named Taylor who actually got married during the Sept. long weekend up at the Estates of Sunnybrook.

Taylor is a doll - petite, big blue eyes, tiny features and that "Doll Look" is exactly the reference Taylor gave before her trial a couple of mths ago.  For creating a Doll Like Look I want to keep the eye makeup rather natural and the emphasis on the lashes.  I wanted a fresh pink flushed cheek look and a soft pink lip.  For the hair Taylor wanted a very soft wave half updo.  Naturally Taylor has VERY fine hair that doesn't hold curl so of course I STRONGLY suggested we make some clip-in took a little persuading but in the end she agreed.  It definitely made the difference and I definitely think it was the right decision in helping to create the whole "Doll Look".

Here's some pics of Taylor's special day courtesy of Little Blue Lemon Photography.


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Joanna said...

You know what's crazy Jess? Taylor and I were in a film together - we played best friends! Small world!