Monday, September 10, 2012

Handfuls of Irresistiful All Over The Subway!

Back in July I had the amazing pleasure of working on a REALLY COOL and HUGE campaign for Orville Redenbacher's new Ready to Eat Popcorn!  It was a two day job where we shot 3 campaigns...which meant a lot of work and long hours.  But the cast and crew were amazing and I really do have to thank my two awesome assistants that day - Ashley Readings and Jade Truscott for their help....I should also mention the catering was top notch...always a very important thing on commercial jobs in my book ;)

One of my big goals for my career is to do more commercial work so landing this job was a BIG deal to me b/c it's a big name client and it's a big campaign...NATIONAL apparently in fact!  Commercial work isn't the most glamorous or exciting but guess what it pays well ;)

So anyway, apparently the campaigns are on billboards, buses, and subways...although I've only seen the one on the subway so far :( (Ashley has seen the billboards though).

There are three scenarios:

1. A cheerleader eating the popcorn and a pyramid of cheerleaders toppling over  b/c they are distracted by the popcorn.

2. A movie star on the red carpet being ignored by the fans and paparazzi b/c they are distracted by someone eating the popcorn

3. A bride about to walk down the aisle and her family is in the front row ignoring her b/c they are too busy eating the popcorn

As you can see they are really cute, funny and creative ads!

On Sunday I was on the subway on my way to a wedding and I saw the wedding campaign ad...very exciting to see one's work on the subway!  I snapped some shots w/ my iPhone so please excuse the not so great quality.

If you're out and you see the other ads I'd love to hear where...maybe I can track them down myself!

Btw the campaign was shot by the incredible photographer team of Raina + Wilson...they have some really great work.  I really hope I get the chance to work w/ them again in the future!

I've tried the Sweet & Salty and it's Delish ;)

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