Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm Going Places With Car2Go

So you may remember just a couple of posts ago I raved about my experience w/ the new hourly car rental service in Toronto Car2Go.  Well the World Wide Web is a small place and funny enough the ppl at Car2Go Toronto happened to stumble upon my blog just days after.

They loved what I wrote and b/c of my little blog post were nice enough to give me my own Car2Go to use for 5 days!  And it couldn't have come at more of a perfect time - 3 weddings in one weekend and ALL of them outside the city!

So I got the car on a Fri. and drove it out to my early morning wedding in Scarborough.  Wedding went great and it made my life SO MUCH EASIER to drive to the job instead of take the TTC which would have probably cost me another hr in travel each way!

Day 2 I had a wedding in Maple...gorgeous day and a gorgeous bride!  Originally my partner in wedding crime and frequent chauffeur Ashley was going to drive but since I had the car I got to pick her up and chauffeur her to a job for once!

Me and My Car2Go in the Burbs!

Makeup Artist/Photographer Ashley taking some pics while I'm driving

One Thing I Love About Early Morning Weddings - NO TRAFFIC!

Early Morning Starbucks Run...Necessity For Weddings!

On the Sunday I was working a wedding job for Ashley this time and it was in Thornhill.  Originally Ashley was going to pick me up but again b/c I had my Car2Go I drove myself up there...loving all this driving practice I'm getting lol!

Monday was a VERY rainy day so I was SO HAPPY to have my Car2Go.  I had a bunch of errands to run, normally I would have walked or taken the TTC but it was really pouring out there so it was great to do my errands, drive and stay dry!  Plus w/ the FREE Green P Parking w/ Car2Go it's really easy to run errands around town at no extra cost to me!

Rainy Monday!

Yeah For Staying Dry (And Keeping My Makeup Pretty) In My Car2Go!

After all the errands I was meeting up w/ a friend for dinner.  We decided since I had a car why not make use of it and drive somewhere that we normally wouldn't have gone so we drove uptown for dinner...and then back downtown when the restaurant we wanted up there was closed :( (again so happy that parking is covered w/ Car2Go to cover the parking uptown and downtown lol).

The free registration is over now w/ Car2Go BUT they do have a pretty good promotion going on right now through Groupon - $17 registration and 60 mins FREE driving time so if you missed out on the free registration it's not too late to register practically for Free!

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