Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Billboards Full Of Irresistiful!

Ever since I saw my first Orville ad on the subway last mth I've been on the hunt to find the others!  The problem is the wedding campaign is the only one on the subway and the other 2 are around in billboard format...and for some reason I was NEVER seeing these billboards lol!

I got word from one of the actors on the shoot that ALL 3 billboardds were around the Danforth and Eglinton area...very East and way past anywhere I normally go (I have a thing about going East...ssshhh ;) ).  So I was waiting for an opportunity when I had a car to go search for these billboards and see them in person.

That opportunity came this Sat. after my two wedding jobs.  To be honest definitely not the most ideal day to go snapping pictures of random billboards as it was raining and even mildly hailing at one point but you gotta do what you gotta do!

So I drove all the way East into Scarborough and found these bad boys for myself!  Very cool to see your work in such a GIANT format!  Saw all 3 of them!  Took pictures of the Cheerleading campaign but then when I went to take pics of the Movie Premiere campaign the angle of the billboard was too far away to get a good pic!  Luckily, another fellow artist friend of mine told me he'd seen that very campaign all over his neighbourhood in downtown Toronto.  So I then drove back downtown and found that pic just East of Jarvis and Dundas E in a small poster format.  Funny thing is literally the next day on Dundas E. West of Jarvis I saw it also in a giant billboard format!  So it's everywhere and I've just been missing it lol!

Here's the pics...pretty cool indeed!

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