Saturday, October 27, 2012

Natural, Tousled and Beautiful Bride

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of working w/ a wonderful, curly haired bride - Michelle.  It was sort of a last minute booking and I'm so happy I was able to fit her into my busy, busy wedding schedule b/c working w/ her was such a pleasure.  I'm not the only one who was busy though...not only was Michelle planning a wedding but she was also finally finishing up her doctorate thesis that was 8 years in the making...I can kind of understand why Makeup & Hair services weren't necessarily at the top of her priority list lol.

So as I said above her wedding was literally 2 wks ago...and she's already sent me the pics!  How crazy is that!  Some brides have to wait mths to get their pictures and Michelle has already gotten hers.  And you know what - the look fabulous!  Michelle really lucked out.  Her and her now husband Michael were on a tighter budget like a lot of couples so they actually took a chance and hired a young photographer named Christopher M Taylor who literally just graduated from Ryerson a couple of mths ago.  That can be a good tip for some budget conscious brides...check out the photography schools...sometimes there's a gem there waiting to be discovered (at an affordable price)!

So back to Michelle.  Michelle has crazy, curly hair...not that long but man there is a lot of it!  I'm so happy she wanted to work w/ her natural curls...I just hate when brides don't want to work w/ their natural curls...esp. when the hair is super curly!  She didn't want anything too stuffy or formal so I wanted to create a lower curled updo that was romantic and soft.  In fact I felt the final product was very reminiscent of Kate Winslet in Sense & Sensibility (my fav movie of all time if you must know ;) ).

For the makeup I wanted to keep it clean and fresh but I did want to add a little something different w/ a bit of a black winged liner.  Normally, this isn't something I'd even suggest to a bride unless they mentioned it but Michelle like a lot of ppl has eyes that naturally turn down a bit on the end so one of the best ways to give the illusion of lift is to do an upward flicked liner!  We kept the lips natural and matte and I add a really nice highlight to the cheeks to give her that gorgeous glow that all the brides want!

I can pretty much say the wedding day Makeup & Hair always looks better than the trial.  It's simple...during the trial I'm doing just that - trying different things, making adjustments etc.  But it's almost never perfect...but on the wedding day being that I've already done it once I know the adjustments I want to make, colour choices, face structure, hair texture of the client.  This was definitely a case of me being WAY happier the day of w/ the makeup then at the trial...and the thing is the trial wasn't bad.  Not at looked good!  But I just made a couple of small changes that made a world of difference!  I did a thinner winged liner and a lighter colour on the lid and it really did open up Michelle's whole eye area and lifted it all.  It was really one of those days where it made me realize - Yes, even after doing this awhile I'm still learning and adapting w/ every job and that's a good thing!

So here's some pics of Michelle on her wedding day!  Can't wait to include these on my new Website!

 Definitely one of my fav pics she sent gorgeous!

I really love this one too!

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Michelle said...

Aw what a nice post!! Thanks Jessica!! It was so great working with you, and I just LOVED the final look.

All the very best in your business ventures and in life!