Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Sweetest Family EVER!

Back in July I had the pleasure of working w/ no lie probably one of the sweetest families I'd ever worked w/ for a wedding.  I don't know what it was about them but they were just genuinely so nice and friendly...plus it didn't hurt that they loved EVERYTHING I did!  Seriously, I'm not exaggerating when I say I kind of want Pina (the mom) to be my mom lol.  Just watching Elissa (the bride), her sister Laura and their mother together just warmed my heart...you could tell they were all really close and loved each other a lot!  Just an fyi when I say something like this it means a lot b/c I'll be honest I'm not the most warm and affectionate "family type" person lol.

Funny enough I actually got the referral for the wedding through another artist and I'm so happy she referred me b/c it's families like this that really make working wedding such a memorable and enjoyable experience.  Plus it doesn't hurt that they've already hired me for the other daughter's wedding next year AND they've referred me for a couple of other jobs!

Originally I was just going to be doing makeup for the bride Elissa, her sister Laura and their mother Pina but after they were so in love w/ what I did at the trial for makeup I convinced Elissa to give me a try and do a hair trial another day.  It was actually an interesting makeup trial b/c all three ladies got a trial...not necessarily the norm but hey why not...makes things a lot less stressful for the wedding.

I was actually nervous at first b/c the girls kept looking at themselves in the mirror so much after I finished the makeup.  Usually in my experience that means there is something they aren't quite sure about or might want to change...but not these girls they were just admiring how much they loved their makeup.  The funny thing is they are all gorgeous women...like seriously if a guy wanted to follow that old idea about look at a girl's mom to see what she will look like he'd be ALL OVER Laura and Elissa b/c their mom is beautiful...like I can't believe how good her skin looks and how young she looks...and she's funny too...she kept making jokes on the wedding day about wanting to look fatter and she was worried she looked too thin (she's italian and very petite...first time I've ever had someone say they wish they had a fuller face lol!)...as you can see I think I have a bit of a "mom crush" on Pina lol!

The big deciding factor for Elissa going w/ me for hair was the fact that I could make her a set of clip-in hair extensions.  I've mentioned before esp. w/ the down or half down hairstyles I make a lot of extensions for my brides and her usual hairstylist who is great at cutting doesn't work w/ extensions so it made me even more desirable.  I've seen the pics from the wedding now and I can't believe how great her curls look.  She has gorgeous hair and the extensions just blend perfectly into it and the curls look divine!

On the wedding day I ended up doing makeup on all three ladies and hair for Elissa and Laura.  And just to seal the deal on making them the sweetest family EVER they sent  me on my way after the wedding w/ a giant (and I mean giant) platter full of Italian cookies and desserts...UMM YUM!

Seriously, can't wait to work w/ these ladies again next year!  Check out some of the photos Elissa sent me of her special day!  So pretty!  Photos courtesy of Tobin Grimshaw.

Me fixing the veil...it was a gorgeous veil!

Look at the hair...so shiny and thick...the extensions look amazing!

Maid of Honour - Laura...she also has AMAZING hair!

Pina and Elissa...those are some amazing genes!

All of the women just LOVED the false lashes!  I love when I can convince a mom to go for the false lashes...makes such a difference and look how natural they look!

Elissa's dress was really different compared to a lot of the dresses I've seen this season but it was so her!

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