Sunday, October 14, 2012

MaskerAide Sheet Masks Review

A few weeks ago I got a lovely package in the mail from the ppl at MaskerAide who had asked me to review their amazing sheet masks.  I was really excited b/c one of my fav. beauty indulgences while in Shanghai was collecting and trying out different sheet masks.  They are sold EVERYWHERE in Asia and there are so many different brands and types and they are really affordable so it's a great "me night" activity...esp. if you're on a budget ;).

For those of you in North America who might not be that familiar w/ the concept of sheet masks.  Basically it's a cloth that has been soaked in various serums, vitamins and nutrients and has holes cut out of it for your mouth, nose and eyes...and you smooth is over your face...hence the "mask" name.  What's great about sheet masks is they are really easy to use, not messy and really portable for the "girl on the go".  Plus the mask acts as an incubator allowing the pores to open up and which allows for better absorption of the nutrients and vitamins and they are great for giving intense hydration to dry and dehydrated skin.

What makes MaskerAide masks that much better then the competition is that they are free of all:

Harsh Dyes & Pigments
Mineral Oils
Artificial Fragrances

They are super gentle and can be used on any skin type making them a great little gift or stocking stuffer (hey never too early to start thinking about x-mas ;) )

They come in 6 types...and lucky for me I got a box w/ all 6!

All Nighter - Awaken, Replenish & Refresh
Detox Diva - Clean, Exfoliate, Detoxify
I Don't Wanna Grow Up - Lift, Firm & Soften Fine Lines
Beauty Rest'ore - Restore, Regenerate & Repair
Weather Warrior - Calm, Soothe & Heal
Pre Party Prep - Brighten, Prime & Energize

The first one I tried was the Beauty Rest'ore.  I tried this out shortly after I had my second chemical peel.  My skin was a lot drier and more flakey after my most recent peel b/c they used a harsher peel this time.  The mask was great for soothing my skin, didn't cause any additional aggravation and it was super hydrating.  I could moisturize my skin w/ the left over cream that was on the mask.

The second one I tried was the All Nighter.  I tried this after an esp. long wedding work day.  I had been up since 3 am that day and started work just before 5 (yes for real).  I had two weddings that day and had made plans to go out that night so to say I needed a little help and relaxation before going out that night is an understatement lol!  The mask smelled good and was very cooling and invigorating on the skin.  My skin definitely felt refreshed afterward and it was a completely different feel then the Weather first I was concerned that all the masks might be really similar and it was just a marketing thing to come up w/ different names...but trust me they are actually very different masks.

I also tried the Detox Diva which unlike a lot of detox or clay masks didn't leave my skin feeling dry or itchy afterward.  It definitely felt clean and refreshed but also hydrated and soothed.

Tomorrow is my b-day so I've been saving the I Don't Wanna Grow Up for that b/c let's be real...I'm def. at an age where I've started to be concerned w/ my age lol...and it's my b-day so of course I deserve a little pampering ;)

I think the Weather Warrior will definitely come in handy w/ the cold weather coming upon us and all the harsh things that does to our skin and I'm saving the Pre Party Prep for a night when I actually go out to party...maybe next Sat. (I do have some fun plans in store for that night ;) )

At $4.99 a pack it's definitely affordable and like I said a great little indulgence for you or someone you at that price why not try all 6!

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E Lim said...

I have heard lots about this product but I am yet interested in trying it out. Until I have read your review about it. Now I know what makes it best because it does not contain harmful ingredients and it works well. I will try this one out.