Saturday, October 6, 2012

Collection of Weddings

As Summer has turned into Fall I've suddenly got quite a few pics back from brides in the past couple of weeks which is always exciting...b/c as you know I LOVE to see pics of my brides on their special day and I LOVE to share pics w/ you guys of my work and my beautiful brides.

So I thought I'd make a little compilation of sorts of a few of the weddings I've had the pleasure of working on the last couple of mths!


For Beth's wedding I actually just did her hair and 6 or 7 bridesmaid's makeup.  It was my second wedding of the day that day...and the one earlier that morning was just as full!  Beth just sent me a couple of photos of her and I think they turned out beautiful!  You don't even understand how much hair this girl has lol (which believe it or not is not always useful for updos)!

Love this pic on the bed...she looks stunning!


I did hair & makeup for Alison and her family (sister, mother & mother in law).  Alison was a particular bride and it took a couple of tries on the makeup during the trial to figure things out but once we did I think we nailed it.  I've seen a whole gallery of pics from her wedding and can I just say WOW, are her and her husband in can just see it in all the pics! Photos courtesy of David Gillespie.

I am such a sucker for Behind the Scenes pics lol!

I just wish they were in colour :(


Nazli was actually a last minute booking I got back in the middle of Sept...can't believe she got her pics already!  Her family and her were so sweet and so lovely to spend a day w/...and it was a long day lol!  Nazli had actually had a couple of trials for hair and makeup and was never pleased...sometimes that's a red flag for me as an artist before I take on a client but Nazli was so sweet.  Really I think it just came down to a personality thing and the other artists not really listening to what she was saying.  Sometimes I feel artists just want to do their own thing and don't want to take into account what the actual client wants.  Sometimes I don't agree w/ the client or their choices but guess what that doesn't really matter...they are the client after all and they are paying me so I personally do whatever it is they want.  Although I should say Nazli had good taste for makeup and hair and didn't do anything I thought was wrong or weird...I just don't think the other artists were listening. Photos courtesy of Reza at Royal Dream.

I know her hair looks simple here...but this was actually a lot of work to blow out smooth and straight lol!

All the time at trials I have brides thinking it's too much volume in their hair...I'm always trying to convince them it's def. not once you get the whole dress on and any veils or hair accessories.  Nazli is a perfect example...we put a lot of volume in her hair and w/ the tiara if it was anything less it would have looked flat!

Mother and Daughter...did both their Hair & Makeup

Btw keep an eye out for my NEW Wedding Website...I think I'll have it done in the next week or so!  Lots of changes in the works so look out!

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