Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bridal Makeup - Something With A Little More "Drama"!

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I do a lot of very "natural" but beautiful wedding makeup.  It's great and beautiful and I really do feel it takes "extra" talent to create a natural but striking bridal look.  But I have to be honest...I get a bit excited anytime one of my brides wants something w/ a little bit of drama or doesn't mind going that extra step when it comes to makeup.  After all, anyone who has ever visited my Editorial/Fashion website knows I can bring the "drama" when I need to ;).

That's why I was so happy when Simone contacted me to do her wedding!  I actually met Simone the year before at another wedding I was working on.  It's always so flattering when a person you worked on the year before at a different event ends up reaching out to you later for their own event.  

Right away I was pretty excited to work this wedding for a number of reasons:

 1. It was giant...actually probably my biggest wedding to date - 1 bride, 8 bridesmaids, 2 moms and a flower girl - Hair & Makeup - Yes, obviously I had A LOT of help on this one!

2. Finally a group not afraid of a little makeup!  These girls are a bit of the glam type...I'm a bit of the glam type (at least when I go out) - so I LOVE when ppl aren't afraid of makeup and lashes!  Plus they are a beautiful group of girls...makes my life so much easier!

3. They are just all really nice ppl...and I knew the wedding was going to be very elegant and glamorous...somewhat different then a lot of the weddings I would great for my website!

So for the wedding Simone wanted a soft smokey eye in champagnes, browns and blacks.  It was nice b/c I got to do a bit more smokey than I normally do for weddings...a bit more of a MAC style if you will...stronger cut crease and what not.  

For her hair, she had bonded extensions added to her hair PLUS we added a set of clip in extensions on top of we obviously got some fullness going on.  Her hair w/ the extensions holds the curl great so I actually used a bigger curling barrel then I did at the trial....b/c at the trial I had to do A LOT of pulling to loosen up that curl lol...again this is why it's good to have a trial so you learn all about these things!

All the bridesmaids actually had the same hair - an elegant, curled side bun updo...looked great w/ the floor length silver gowns.  Also, even though we gave them all the same hairstyle it's important to remember it won't look the same on every girl b/c each of them have different hair lengths, cuts, texture even style it will end up being somewhat individual.  Plus, not that I believe the bridesmaids all have to have the same hair but I do kind of like the idea that if the bride is wearing her hair down the rest of the group wear their hair up...I don't know maybe that's just me.  At the very least I always make sure I'm not giving anyone in the wedding party a hairstyle too similar to the bride.  

Considering the size of the group I have to say my ladies and I ROCKED this wedding!  We finished in really good time and I made it to my next wedding perfectly on time (yes, I had TWO weddings that day)!

Thanks to Simone for sharing the pics and Tally over at Phototerra Studio for doing such an amazing job capturing the wedding!

Just a side note...for all those brides that are "scared" of makeup...even though I did go a little heavier than a lot of my brides on this wedding I think everyone can probably agree it doesn't actually look that heavy in the pictures.  Always remember the pictures!  Makeup reads differently in them and a lot of times what you think is "too dramatic" is actually "just right" ;)

Love this pic w/ the veil!

The hair and curls look great in this one to me!

Simone and the Ladies...what a gorgeous group!

Also here's a link to a slideshow from the beautiful wedding!  It really does capture the glamour, fun and excitement of the entire day!

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