Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Get That Summer Glow With GloMinerals!

Awhile back a makeup artist friend of mine introduced me to GloMinerals when she was RAVING about their Mineral Powder Foundation and how great it was on set for shoots as well as for male grooming. Flash forward a couple of mths and that artist had started an online boutique as a distributor for Canada for Glo Minerals and I knew I had to finally see what she was talking about.

Of course once I started checking out the other products on the site I knew I was in trouble b/c there were A LOT of things that were grabbing my attention!

But first let me talk about the GloPressed Base Palette - it's an amazing palette w/ 21 shades and it's infused with Vitamins C, E, A and greentea extract this makeup acts as an anti-inflammatory to take down redness and heal the skin. It is also formulated for the most sensitive skin. There is no talc in glomineral makeup and all mineral derived colour. Formulated with pharmaceutical-grade minerals which means it is also triple milled and crushed to its finest capacity. I will be honest though my biggest complaint about the palette is it's so friggin' HEAVY!!!  As someone who is always trying to condense their kit I'd really love it if the packaging was a little more compact and light - it looks great but it weighs a ton!  Also, at this point you can't get refills if you go through a colour...I don't see that happening for awhile but still what am I going to do once I run out of the most popular colours?  Will I have to buy another palette?  Hopefully they will develop refills in the next bit so this doesn't happen b/c I really do like the product.

Even though the pressed foundation was what originally brought me to the site I'll be honest it's not even my fav product I purchased from GloMinerals!

My absolute fav product I purchased and something that has instantly garnered an immediate staple position in my kit is their Redness Relief Powder! This product is amazing and cuts out the redness in skin like you wouldn't believe!  I was amazed how much redness it took away w/ just a light dusting over the face!  As well a lot of my clients don't want a heavy foundation look or feel and this product is so light and natural so it's perfect for that!  A lot of times I was either using a green primer or mixing some green corrector into my concealer but you have to be so careful w/ that and still sometimes to get rid of all that red I had to use more product than I wanted.  This product is perfect for the person that really doesn't want to wear a lot of makeup or foundation but still wants to even out their skin tone...it won't even feel or look like they are wearing makeup!  It's also gentle enough to use after chemical peels or microderm treatments!

I'm also really loving the 24K Gold Dust - amazing loose gold highlighter - great for cheekbones, collarboneor anywhere you want to add a bit of highlight or shimmer.  Can also be mixed w/ lotion for an all over body glow or gloss for a golden lipgloss!  Plus it's not too sparkly or in your face just really helps create that beautiful golden glow that EVERYBODY is always trying to get!  I have literally been using this product not only on my clients but on myself none stop!

The final product I purchased was the Hydration Mist - instantly hydrates the skin and makes it feel refreshed and fresh again.  It can be used before makeup or throughout the day just as a skin refresher.  The size is perfect too b/c it's safe for airport travel and we all know how dry and dehydrating airplanes can be on our skin!  I also love to use it right at the end of a makeup application if I want to get rid of a bit of that powdery finish...it instantly helps make the skin look dewy and fresh!

So as you can see I'm a big fan of GloMinerals!  Definitely worth checking out if you're a makeup artist for your kit or just a regular makeup enthusiast and consumer!

Here's some pics of me getting ready for a night on the town...featuring 24 K Gold Dust, Redness Relief Powder & Hydration Mist!


Mitch Parker said...

This is a great review. I would love to try these products. It looks really amazing. :-)

April Jacobs said...

My favorite is hydration mist. I really love this product. It's so great on my skin. Anyway, I would also love to try other products featured here. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Janet Sarandon said...

Wow! I love all these products! I would like to try 24K Gold Dust and Hydration Mist. Are these products available online? I'm really interested! :-)