Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Love - Dinithi & Steve

A few wks ago I had the pleasure to meet and work w/ a fabulous couple Dinithi & Steve on their engagement shoot.  This was actually an interesting booking b/c I didn't actually do Dinithi's wedding makeup and hair on her wedding day.  I was hired to go back for touch ups on hair for her wedding b/c her hair artist was very pregnant and couldn't do the return visit but that was I had 2 other weddings that day so to say it was a full day would be an understatement lol. Therefor getting hired to do makeup and hair for the engagement shoot was actually a bit of a surprise...but a pleasant one!

It was interesting b/c I got to meet the groom when they came to my studio to do the makeup and hair.  They were shooting right over at the UofT campus which is walking distance from my place and being that Steve is actually from England (they both live over there now but Dinithi is originally from Toronto hence the wedding here) it only made sense for him to come to my studio w/ Dinithi!

Although the weather could have been better they still ended up getting some great indoor and outdoor shots thanks to the skill of their awesome photographer Chris Luk.  Like a lot of my clients Dinithi is a super natural girl so I wanted to keep her look fresh and clean w/ just a bit extra pizazz.  For the hair again I kept it natural but I did blow it out, add a soft curl and a nice side bride to assure her bangs would stay out of her face during the shoot being that I wouldn't actually be on location to fix them constantly.

Thanks again Dinithi (and Chris) for sharing these pics w/ me!  They are great!  And congrats on the wedding you're a super cute couple!

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