Sunday, July 7, 2013

Nina & Jeremy - Country Love

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working on a wonderful wedding w/ a wonderful bride named Nina.  I was actually contacted originally by her mother Hazel and after Nina had had a couple of unsatisfactory trials they went on the search for a new artist and found me!

This wedding was actually the first of 3 weddings I had on June 22/13 so to say I was busy that day would be an understatement but I'm so glad I was able to work w/ Nina and her friends and family b/c they were such a relaxed and friendly bunch...totally the type of bride I love to get.

I really do have to thank Hazel for being so on top of things and generous after the wedding and even sending me a preview picture from the wedding...can't wait to see the real pics b/c I know they are going to be gorgeous!  She also sent me this quick edit video the videographers - Captivate Cinema made during the day of the wedding and then showed at the reception.  The quality of this video esp. considering it was made literally the same day as the wedding is really really impressive to me.  I think it really captures the couple and their energy well and I love seeing my work on film!

The great thing about a video like this is you can't hide anything...if it looks good on film then it looks good in person and if it looks bad well you get the picture...

I did a really beautiful, lots of curl low updo on Nina and I love the addition of the flowers in her hair on the wedding day.  For her makeup I kept it really soft and pretty w/ a soft purple and grey smokey eye and a nice nudey pink lip.  I'm so happy the weather ended up working out for them and they could have their ceremony outside b/c I have to be honest I had my doubts that day as it was off and on rain but Hazel told me after that during the ceremony the sun actually broke through the clouds and it was gorgeous!

Thanks again to Ashley Readings for your amazing hair usual ;)

Look for me in action around the 1 min mark ;)


Lenny Polley said...

Wow! It seems that you did great. I wish you can be my make-up artist when I get married. Wedding videos are treasures so it must reflect the best of you during that wonderful and meaningful day. :-D

Hazel Z said...

thanks again Jessica to you and your team - you made my daughter happy happy happy on her oh-so-special day, and that is music to a mother's ears - you came on time, you set up and got to work quickly and provided the energy in the early morning to get the girls revved up for the coming day's festivities, and you also took the last minute change for nina's 2nd gardenia hair flower and pearl pins, plus videographers requests like a pro, even though I know it pushed your scheduled time - as you know I have 4 sons, so if any of their future brides are willing, I'm signing you up!!!!