Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rashani - Extension Magic!

Back in April I had the pleasure of working w/ a beautiful bride named Rashani.  She was having a very small and simple wedding and the quickness she planned the whole affair in is actually quite amazing.  It's becoming more and more common w/ my city brides to get married at City Hall and then have a dinner or reception for close family and friends and that's exactly what Rashani was doing.

She didn't have a bridal party so it was just her on her wedding day.  At both the wedding day and the trial I also got to meet her very friendly husband to be...I don't actually get to meet the grooms that often so it's kind of nice sometimes when I do.

Just b/c Rashani was having a simple wedding doesn't mean she did want a bit of glamour and the full bridal treatment on her wedding day.  In fact compared to a lot of my brides she actually wanted a pretty dramatic look w/ a really nice grey/black smokey eye and a deep berry lip.  Because of her gorgeous deep golden brown skin tone she can carry off something w/ a bit more drama w/out it looking like "too much"..even during the day!

The hair was definitely the big change of the day!  Rashani had actually cut her VERY thick and gorgeous hair into a really sophisticated bob not too long before the wedding but for the wedding she decided she wanted something w/ a bit more length and curl...that's where the extensions came in!  I'll be honest Rashani naturally probably had some of the thickest hair I've ever seen...and I've seen a lot of hair!  I can't even imagine how heavy it must have been before she cut it!  It was gorgeous though.  For the wedding day I added in some clip in extensions and did a really pretty side ponytail and even I was impressed w/ how well the extensions blended into her hair...esp. given the thickness, coarseness and sharp cut of her regular hair.

Here's some pics of me in action creating her beautiful look!

 Rashani after the makeup and before the extensions!  This is just a snap shot w/ my phone.  As you can see her hair is quite blunt and not that long.

Curling the hair...and man was there A LOT of hair!

Now doing some of that final styling...starting to come together now!

Beautiful Curls! Me looking serious as usual lol!

Getting into her dress!

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Vivian Rowe said...

Wow, Jessica! You made Rashani stunningly beautiful during her wedding day! I wish I can find someone as good as you. You are really awesome! :-D