Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Interesting" Afternoon!

So yesterday night I noticed my water wasn't working but I thought maybe it was just them doing repairs for a few hrs or something but when I woke up this morning it still wasn't working. I went downstairs and talked (mimed) to the front desk the problem and I don't know what the maintenance guy did outside my apt. but he got it working. Yeah Great...I have water again!

Then randomly this afternoon my toilet starts over flooding...AHHH! Thank God I noticed soon after it started! It was just pouring everywhere and I of course am freaking out 1) b/c water is going everywhere 2) even though it's "clean" water it's still toilet water EWW! I grabbed some sort of bucket and was trying to collect the water to throw down the shower drain but that wasn't very effective. After like 3 mins I realized this isn't going to stop so I went downstairs and again mimed the problem w/ just a little bit more urgency this time. Came back upstairs and kept trying to keep the situation under control. Now I know why there is a drain in the middle of my bathroom floor! That drain saved my whole bathroom and probably hallway from getting flooded. Thankfully the maintenance guys are pretty quick here so I wasn't left waiting for too long and I was able to keep it somewhat under control. Again don't know what was wrong but he fixed it and all is good in the world again...hopefully!


Jaimie said...

gosh that totally sucks. thank goodness it wasnt too bad!

ashley said...

This happened at my house and i had to call my dad at 11pm crying because i couldn't fix it!

i don't know if there are multiple causes to this problem but one problem is basically if there isn't enough water going down the drain when flushing toilet paper down. Just hold the flush a little longer. Sorry this is kinda disgusting.

Amy V. said...

that totally sucks.

when my little girl first started potty training she loved toilet paper and while i wasn't looking one day basically tore up and put an entire thing of toilet paper down the toilet and flushed it.
needless to say the handy man got a call that day!