Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mini Update - Actually WAY Longer Than Planned Lol!

So I leave for Thailand in 3.5 days (Sunday)!! Getting very excited and luckily enough I'm actually kind of super busy before I leave so at least the time will go by quicker. For the next few days I'm trying to do a raw fruit & veg diet (suggested by spa) as prep for the Detox/Cleanse I'll be doing while in Thailand so that's somewhat interesting but actually not that far removed from what I eat already.

Tomorrow I'm shooting another cover for Drink Magazine. Nothing fancy really but just nice to have a few covers in the portfolio you know.

Speaking of portfolio I'm FINALLY getting my procrastinating ass moving on doing a new website. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a tech tard...seriously! I'm actually impressed w/ myself that I switched hosting/domain companies for my current site lol. I've decided I'm going to go w/ Dripbook and build a site through them which is something they now offer. Their sites look super good (you can choose different colours schemes, layouts etc and change it as often as you want!), are totally affordable and best of all even a tech tard like ME can build and update it apparently!

That's the prob w/ my site now. A girl I use to work w/ built it for me as her final school project and then was suppose to teach me how to update it but she just "disappeared" was so odd she wouldn't email me back or return calls. No idea why but it left me w/ an intial site and no way to update it so therefore very quickly useless :( Lots of amazing artists do their sites through Dripbook now too btw like one of my favs - Lottie - so you know it's good ;)

I'm doing an editorial on Sat. night now...I can't remember the mags name at this moment but I'm just happy it's happening before I go. It was all up in the air b/c of the finding a stylist in China issue (surprise, surprise). I thought it might actually be shot while I was gone which made me sad but luckily it got bumped to the night before I leave :)

It's w/ a yummy, foreign male model btw :) Hey, if I'm going to be working a Sat. night at least I'll have some nice eye candy lol! It's so rare that I get to work w/ hot male models so yeah! And it's actually a cool makeup concept for me not just boring male grooming so that's cool. It's inspired by Twilight sort of (don't be jealous Sian Melton lol). We're doing a sort of Vampire at night in Shanghai sort of thing...but not cheesy - fashiony of course. So I'm paling out his complexion a bit and tinting the lips and giving him some structured, high, messy hair alla Robert Pattinson.

Btw apparently DestinAsian really liked the shoot that I did a few wks ago so that's cool and I can't wait to see the pics from that one!

I'll have WiFi at the resort btw so I'll be updating on the Detox/Cleanse!

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Have a good trip. Email us when you get back. J.