Saturday, July 25, 2009

2 Weddings, 2 Cities, 1 DAY!

Last weekend I had the stressful pleasure of actually pulling off two weddings, in two different cities in 1 DAY! Oh did I mention one was my half brother's and I was doing the makeup for it lol!

Yeah so I had one wedding in London, ON - my brother's. I went to the rehearsal dinner and ceremony for that one (full Catholic service 1.5 hrs later :S lol) and then hoped on a train to Windsor, ON (my hometown) for the reception of a second wedding that my boyfriend was standing up in. I actually knew the groom from high school too. Definitely a LONG DAY. I was up at 6:30 am getting ready for the one b/c I kind of had to get ready before the bride and bridemaids arrived to my hotel room. Plus the ceremony happened to be unusually early - 11:30 and the girls (2 bridesmaids and the bride) were arriving from getting their hair done at my room at 9:15 and had to be makeup ready and dressed by 11:00. I did another bridesmaid earlier in the morning at 7:30 before she went and got her hair done.

Overall, it went really well and the girls were so easy to work on. I mean all of them were naturally beautiful so it wasn't exactly hard work to make them look their best. All of them wanted a pretty similar look which was fine w/ me b/c I never actually got to perform my usual mandatory trial on the bride b/c she lives in Montreal. I did a bronzy/brown smokey eye w/ more of a nude lip and a peach gloss. Added lashes to the bride and I really think it opened up her eyes a lot. She had never had false lashes before so it's always funny when a girl sees herself for the first time w/ them how different she thinks she looks. All the girls were super happy w/ their makeup which made me so happy b/c w/out a trial the last thing I wanted was for Ania (the bride) to hate her makeup on her special day. Can't wait to see the pics and add them to my bridal portfolio. I just hope the makeup lasted throughout the whole day b/c I wasn't their for touch-ups, but I did leave a touch-up kit w/ one of the bridesmaids w/ lip gloss, translucent powder and a puff and oil absorbing papers for oily skin.

The Windsor reception was nice and the food was great (definitely indulged A LOT too much lol). Next mth I have to do it all over again and go to Montreal for my other half brother's wedding. Yes, they both decided to get married in the same Summer. Of course I'm doing the makeup for this one too. Should be a little easier though. The wedding ceremony starts later and I don't have to rush off after the ceremony to another city I can actually enjoy the reception of this one. The only stressful part is this will be the first time the family will be meeting the bf :S lol! Anyone, who knows me knows this is a BIG deal as I NEVER introduce the family to anyone lol!

Me doing my thing...btw I put hair extensions in my hair if anyone was curious (suppose to be more curled but damn wind). Also I got the dress in the pic above in Thailand if anyone was wondering.
In the Church
New Happy Couple outside the Church - Gorgeous Dress!


dee said...

you look so pretty!! love the extensions in your hair - you look very exotic!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Thanks again for doing the bridal party's make-up the day of the ceremony. Everyone looked so beautiful, as did you. The exotic look certainly is striking on you. Looking forward to seeing you at the next wedding.

ashley said...

Hey gorgeous!!!

such a pretty dress.

ps. the plastic boxes are from home depot and binz. They are basically the same.