Sunday, July 5, 2009

Water World Part 2

Today was Take 2 for Underwater Series and I'm SO GLAD we got a chance to work w/ the wonderful and talented Tyleen. She was AMAZING! Seriously, she swam laps around any expectations I might have had or hoped for. In all honesty, she probably could have sat on the bottom of the pool like a rock and I would have been happier then the last shoot least her whole head would have been underwater unlike the other model!

But in all seriousness I can't even tell you how excited I am to see the pics from today's shoot. I KNOW they are going to be breathtaking little pieces of art! In fact the Outdoor Exhibition featuring them is actually happening next wk - Fri. July 10 - Sun. July 12 in Nathan Philips Square (it's free!). If you're in Toronto w/ nothing to do I highly recommend checking it out and not just b/c of Meaghan's exhibit which I know will rock (she won a ppl's choice award last yr at the exhibition). There will be over 500 exhibitors so what have you got to lose. Gorgeous Summer days, free art show, lots of talented peeps - Can't Beat That!

Btw I did get some of the shots from the last underwater shoot and they are Gorgeous! I don't want to put them up before the exhibition b/c that's not fair but I can tell you I know what we had to work w/ that day and seriously Meaghan pulled off a miracle w/ this one. I don't know how she made a model that was terrified of water and almost wouldn't get her head fully emersed in water look like art but she did! I can only imagine what she'll have to work w/ on the Tyleen fact she's working on those pics RIGHT NOW in hopes of getting them done for the art show this weekend!

So here are some behind the scenes pics from today...seriously I can't wait to show you guys the real stuff I KNOW you'll LOVE it!

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