Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Makeup Used For Underwater Shoot

So I've had a few ppl asking me what products I used for the Underwater Shoot so I thought I'd go through some product suggests and tips for doing waterproof makeup.

I started w/ moisturizer and primer like I always do.

For Foundations I used a few different products depending on their skintone and coverage that was needed.

I highly recommend Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Face & Body foundation if you want some w/ a light/med coverage and it's sweat and water resistent. I have a feeling Face Atelier's Foundations would work well too b/c they are also silicone based but I didn't try them on this shoot so I can't say for certain.

If I needed a little more coverage I got out my Graftobian Hi Def Cream Foundation but I mixed a little Face Atelier Transforming Gel in w/ it to help make it water resistant. I also did this w/ my Keromask Concealer if there was a stubbon spot that needed more coverage.

I didn't powder anything b/c of course you can't use face powder or powder blush. If there was extra shine that I wanted to minimize I used a mattifying gel product in areas like the T-Zone.

For Highlighter/Bronzers or any Cheek colour I recommend any sort of liquid or cream based product - or even a Cheek Stain can work nice in situations like this. I also again mixed a bit of the Transforming Gel w/ my cheek products just to give it that extra staying power.

For lips any lipstick sealed works fine from what I noticed. I used Benefit She-Laq to seal the lipstick onto the lips but there are other similar products on the market.

I should also mention that underwater shoots are also a great opportunity to pull out your MUFE flash colour palette - you can use those in a million different ways for cheek, lips, eyes etc. (Just make sure to read the labels b/c some colours shouldn't be used near eyes or lips). Again just to play it safe I added a bit of Transforming Gel to my Flash Colours.

A great product for the eyes is Yaby Pearl Paints. They have a very soft texture and gorgeous colour selection. You can just scrap it onto your palette, mix it w/ the Transforming Gel (do you see a pattern here ;) ) and paint it onto the eyes however you want. You can also still totally blend the colours in beautifully together even when it is in more a gel type texture. Of course waterproof mascara is a MUST HAVE in a situation like this but I'm sure that almost goes w/out saying.

One thing I learned through these shoots is that when doing an underwater shoot you have to pump up the makeup even a touch more than you normally would. The water diffuses the colours quite a bit so to make things stand out don't be afraid to go their w/ the colour lol...the Yaby Pearl Paints were really great for this!

So yeah just experiment and have fun...once that model dunks her head under the water once and you realize the makeup isn't running down her face you'll breath and be fine!


ShugN said...

thanks. I didn't realize transforming gel could be used in so many ways. Off to get some.

saintangelius said...

Wow! This is very useful for my upcoming trip to the beach. The Boyfriend is a photographer so there are bound to be snaps but I don't want to be taken with my sleepy holiday-sans-makeup face.
Kudos to you!

jenn said...

thanks for the tips jessica!! i'm sure they'll prove to be very useful on a future underwater shoot of my own ;D

Anonymous said...

Great tips Jessica! Thank you for sharing!