Friday, July 3, 2009

Underwater Shoot

So a couple of wks ago I was asked to be involved in a really cool concept shoot - an underwater photoshoot. The photographer Meaghan Ogilvie experimented w/ the concept last yr for an art exhibition and it went really well and she won a people's choice award at this exhibition so the people that ran the exhibition invited her back this year to show her work.

I've never done makeup for an underwater shoot before so I looked at it as a great opportunity to experiment and try something new. I knew and understood the basic concepts and products necessary for underwater makeup but like I said before I've never actually done it. Plus Troy Moth (photographer I've mentioned many times before) mentioned possibly doing an underwater shoot at my new apt. (see already luring the photographers in w/ my cool amenities lol) when he got back to Canada so if nothing else I saw it as a great way to practice for that!

So originally it was suppose to be on a Sat. but unfortunately that got cancelled b/c of the rain and another big unfortunately meant that one of the original models Tyleen couldn't do it so we had to find a replacement. So we ended up meeting up on Sunday and overall at least on my part it went really well! I was a little nervous about the makeup b/c even though I did everything right you still never quite know how it's going to go until that model really dunks her head under the water you know. But everything stayed wonderfully actually. I was using MUFE face & body which is water resistant for the foundation and then for the eyes I was primarily using Yaby pearl paints and mixing them w/ Face Atelier transforming gel to make them waterproof. I also set the lipstick w/ Benefit She-laq. So from a makeup point of view I was definitely happy w/ the way things turned out...esp. the final look I did!

There were two model that day - a male and female. The guy - Matthew was AMAZING. He's an actor and dancer and he totally gave it his all in the water. No FEAR...even after a slightly scary almost drowning event involving some loose fabric around the neck..EEKK! The replacement girl on the other hand...not so great! I can usually get a feel for the model the second they sit down in my chair and I start talking to them...and usually my feeling is not off and it wasn't. She was just very quiet and not in a good way. I kind of felt that she might hold back once she got to the water and unfortunately she did. She just couldn't get comfortable in there and we all hoped that as the shoot would progress she'd get more comfortable but she didn't and it was really putting us behind schedule. It was almost impossible to get a shot w/ her head even fully emerged in the water. I mean is you aren't comfortable in a pool and can barely swim don't agree to do the shoot you're just hurting everyone in the end!

Meaghan was really patient w/ her and was actually really nice. I actually had to go inside for awhile b/c I could just feel the frustration building up inside of me. I'm just not the most patient person. I just wanted to hold her head under the water and yell "STAY UNDER GOD DAMMIT YOU WON'T DROWNED". I mean there were like 4 of us there watching her nothing bad was going to happen. She just lacked energy and had too much fear. But then what really pissed me off was she refused to pose w/ the guy model. She KNEW there was going to be a guy there...and hell he's GAY for Christ Sake what's the big deal! That made me really angry b/c now you're messing w/ the whole artistic vision of the piece and if you don't want to pose w/ male models and you're afraid of the water DON'T AGREE TO THE SHOOT! Plus she had to leave b/c of work so the last look - the BEST look was totally rushed! I didn't know she had to leave but just when I was finishing the makeup she tried to make it like she couldn't even stay for that scene and I was going to blow I mean don't let me sit there and change your makeup for 20 mins and then say oh I have to go before we even get some shots in!!

We're actually doing another water shoot w/ the orignal model Tyleen this Sun. and I'm super stoked about it for a number of reasons. Tyleen has an awesome look and I'm really hoping she'll bring it unlike the other model...please don't let her be as afraid! Plus she's black and I'm in desperate need of some black models in my book b/c let's be real there aren't ANY black models in Shanghai unfortunately! She has the most amazing afro too...I'm really curious how it's going to look in the water and she's so tall and lean I think she'll look amazing. So hopefully Meaghan can get these pics done in time for the exhibit too b/c I definitely think Tyleen is going to bring it more than the other girl did (which to be honest wouldn't be hard lol). Just to give you an idea of how frustrated I was getting - I literally offered myself as a model for these...YES ME!!! I said hey I'll throw on some makeup and put on the flowly material and go in the pool I don't care...that says A LOT trust me lol!

I'm also trying to get Meaghan to submit this as a story to some mags too b/c I think they would be interested and it would be super cool! Well anyway, here are some behind the scene pics of the water shoot. Meaghan is also giving me some edited ones on Sun. that I'll be able to show you guys!
Me doing my thing!
See - We Couldn't Even Get Her in the DEEP END!
At least her head is fully emerged here lol!
Matt was AWESOME!


Sugarpuff said...

Wow that is amazing, I know products say they are water resistant but you still wouldnt expect them to work well under water!
Do you have the photos from the shoot?

absolutely_aika said...

Hi! this is exactly what I am looking for! I was just told, that i need to do make up for an underwater shoot and although I was told that MUFE's face and body is waterproof..I'm still quite hesitant and nervous on how it will all come together on the day..As make up artists, we don't really want us to be the reason on why the shoot is not successful...A lot of things can go wrong and for one, make up should not be one of them!!

I was wondering if you put any primers before putting MUFE's face and body and if you set the foundation with anything? Also what did you use for blush? :)

Thank you soooo much in advance! :)

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Absolutely_aika - Read this it's a later blog post from that mth and answers all your questions -