Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aumnie Athletics

Finally got some of the advertising pics used by Aumnie Athletics in Shanghai. Some of you may remember this was literally the last shoot I did before I left Shanghai so it's nice to finally get a few of the pics. I think they're good lifestyle/advertising pics. Nothing crazy of course just good solid clean makeup.

A lot of times newbie MUAs tend to forget that clean makeup and advertising campaigns are what pay the bills at the end of the day not gluing rhinestones and gold leaf on model's faces. It's important to build a strong commercial book b/c that's what a lot of clients like to see when they go to hire you. Sometimes that really wild stuff might even scare them off a bit if you don't have the clean stuff to show too. So even though it's not the most exciting stuff in the world there is a skill in learning how to pull back and just accentuate the natural beauty of the model you're working on.

Btw finally decided on an agency...now just been meeting w/ them and discussing things like pics for their website, career goals and what I need to do next!

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