Sunday, July 5, 2009

One Shoot - 4 EDITORIALS!

First off to anyone that was wondering I'll post some of the finished pics from the underwater shoot as soon as I have them and as soon as I'm allowed to post them...might even be tomorrow.

So another new editorial of my work came out late last mth. It was published in a magazine called Lifestyle Asia...surprise, surprise - I'm sure NO ONE reading this has EVER heard of it lol! I lived in Shanghai and I don't think I ever saw this magazine but to be honest I wasn't really looking for it before. So the pics from this shoot were shot on the same day as the blurry editorials I posted a few posts ago from Fantastics Magazine (North America) and Baccarat Magazine (Hong Kong)...another magazine named Mega in the Phillipines also ran the blurry version of the shoot just different pics but I haven't seen that editorial yet. Basically this is more of a commercial, classic editorial type shoot as opposed to the blurry style which was a little more avant garde/cutting edge. I don't mind this shoot, it shows of the makeup pretty decently and overall it looks okay. It's not amazing or anything but not bad either. Btw Todd is allowed to have the same editorial in various magazines as long as they are not in competing markets if anyone was wondering how that worked...kind of nice b/c then I get more exposure and credits off of the same shoot :)
Btw if anyone was curious the lip and eye makeup in this shoot was courtesy of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC for short). I love their line and the loose colours and pigments are to die for! I even put an editorial credit for OCC in the Fantastics editorial and David Klasfeld (owner and creator of OCC) was nice enough to give me a editorial gratis credit for more OCC makeup. I think I've mentioned this before but mentioning cosmetic brands in editorials is a great way to make editorials more financially worthwhile b/c let's be real they are NOT where the money is at lol! So I'm putting my gratis towards some lip tars which I've been DYING to try and an airbrush starter kit (another thing I've been dying to experiment w/...esp. since I want to get more into bridal for the $$$).

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