Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 Weddings in 1 Day = VERY Busy Makeup Artist!

I love when timing works out that I can book multiple jobs in 1 day b/c that means more $$$ for me which ALWAYS makes me happy :)  It's hard though b/c it really depends on when the first job ends + travel time and when next job starts.  So I was very happy last Sat. when I actually got to book 2 weddings that day b/c the first 1 ended at 11:30 am and the next one didn't start till 1 pm.  Makes for a long day but worth it in the end!

Both weddings were on the smaller side and I was able to handle them on my own w/ no assistance which is probably why I was able to fit the two of them in.  The first one I was working w/ a beautiful bride named Lori.  I was doing the makeup & hair for both her and her sister who were both beautiful w/ amazing cheekbones!  During the trial I tried to work w/ Lori's naturally curly hair but we both agreed after the trial to keep the frizz in check it was better if we started w/ her hair straight and added the curl back in to make sure it was a frizz free, smooth curl.  This was definitely a good decision given the weather last Sat...uggh poor brides everywhere in Toronto.

For the makeup Lori just wanted something very natural but w/ a little drama around the eyes so I did a really nice bronzy/brown smokey eye.  Her sister on the other hand wanted something a little more dramatic and tends to wear more makeup day to day in general so I got to go a little bold w/ her and gave her a really pretty purple smokey eye w/ a bold deep magenta lip which matched her dress perfectly.  For her hair I did a really nice half updo incorporating a french braid through the front and just cleaned up her curls a bit.

I'm not going to lie I was a little stressed about making it to the second wedding in time b/c they were kind of far apart but in the end it all worked out and I got there perfectly and everything went very smooth...at least on my end of things.

My second wedding was w/ a bride named Tryna.  I was doing hair & makeup for herself, her sister and her daughter.  It was a lot of fun and Tryna and I hit it off really well at the trial and she was so nice to even send a thank you email the day after her wedding.  I really love to hear how everything went for my brides on their wedding and just to make sure that their makeup and hair worked out well for them.  For Tryna's hair like many of my brides this year I made extensions for her that just blended beautifully.  It's so funny b/c every time I've made extensions for a bride she's been a blonde and thankfully they have always looked just gorgeous and really added some thing to the hair.  Next Sunday I'm actually doing extensions for an Asian bride so I'll keep you posted on that one lol.  For the makeup Tryna likes to play w/ makeup and isn't afraid of a little drama so I did a bold purple/grey smokey eye w/ black liner and false lashes.  I kept the lips neutral w/ a soft pink blush.  Both Tryna and her sister tend to have some redness in their complexion and MUFE green primer seriously did wonders for both of them!  Man I love that stuff it really just cuts the red right out which of course is great b/c it means I don't have to do as much concealing.  Tryna's sister is more of a natural girl so I did a more subtle look on her using soft purples as well but just cleaning up the skintone and highlighting the features really does make all the difference sometimes.  You really don't have to do a bold makeup to make an impact.

I really hope both of these brides send me pics once they  have them...I love seeing pics from the weddings!


Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts) said...

beautiful up-do!!!

Celebrity Media Appearances Sydney said...

Oh my God, this is an amazing look :) I love how you blended the colours together, good job :)