Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Torlys Smart Hardwood Flooring - Web Commercial

Last wk I got the chance to work w/ a new client - Torlys Smart Floors and a new production company - Signature Video Group which is always a great thing when you're trying to get your name out there and build that all important clientele!

It's so funny b/c as you can tell by the title of my post the job was for a web commercial (these things are getting very popular these days lol) for a Flooring company...well that's not particularly funny - what's funny is this is my second job for a flooring company and just last mth as you know I did a job for a interior design company.  Apparently I'm building quite the niche for home renovation and design jobs lol!

It was a really relaxed set and the crew was small and there were only two talent to take care of so overall my job was pretty simple.  Usually is for these types of things....usually they just want you to clean up the talent and make them look polished.

The whole concept for the commercial is sort of a play on the whole PC vs. Mac commercials except this is Traditional Hardwood vs. Torlys Smart Hardwood.  The director/writer/producer of the shoot - Chris Stasiuk did a great job writing a cute and witty script and the two actors - Jeremy (Traditional Hardwood) and Vanessa (Torlys) did an amazing job bringing that script to life.  Seriously, you wouldn't believe these two just met b/c they had such great chemistry and as the shoot went on their characters developed more and  more and they took things further and further w/ their reactions and it just made things sooo funny!  Like LOL funny...which doesn't happen often on a commercial shoot and I don't know about you but when I think flooring I don't immediately start rolling on the floor w/ laughter (yes I know that was cheesy lol).

One of the Torlys boss guys was there for part of the shoot too and even he was laughing and just thought it was great!  Chris has several more script ideas so hopefully they will make more of these commercials...and even more hopefully I'll be brought back on for the jobs ;)  Or other jobs w/ the company!

It's great to get in on some of these corporate commercial type jobs b/c even though they might not be the most exciting things they are usually pretty easy and it can be steady work which is ALWAYS good!  After the actors had their basic makeup on all I had to do throughout the shoot was basically powder them and blot the sweat off Jeremy's forehead...it was really hot in the studio...and even hotter under the lights!  I'm always cold so I actually found everything to be pretty comfortable lol but everyone else was definitely glistening.

Below are some behind the scenes shots taken by Randi Lotsberg who was helping out that day...she's also the one that hooked up me w/ the job so thanks Randi!  Def. better than a lot of the behind the scenes pics I take that's for sure lol!

Jeremy and Vanessa on set...FYI Jeremy is actually really cool he's just "in character" as Traditional Hardwood lol...those aren't his real glasses.  If you didn't guess Traditional Hardwood is the "PC" while Torlys is the "Mac" lol.
 Jeremy, Chris and Vanessa
 Whole crew minus Randi who was taking the pic...told you it was small...btw umm I look so short lol!

 Powder, Powder and More Powder

 I Love this One...Jeremy's face is Hilarious!


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