Thursday, May 26, 2011

So Fresh & So Clean - Now THIS is Clean Beauty!

A couple of wks ago as you remember I did a very productive shoot w/ Adamo de Pax.  The guy is amazing - he's getting married this Sat. in Ottawa and he still took the time to retouch 3 of the Clean Beauty images for me (out of 4...still waiting on Sarah).  Some photographers take mths to even show you the pics (which btw is NOT acceptable) so the fact that Adamo in between planning a wedding took the time to get 3 of these pics done is really nice.

Let me tell you the pictures DO NOT disappoint!  They are everything I wanted out of a Clean Beauty shot.  The model looks gorgeous, like she is just naturally beautiful and glowing.  To the untrained eye they might say what's so great about this picture it doesn't even look like she's wearing ANY makeup and I say EXACTLY!  Seriously, this is Clean Beauty!  Just clean up the model, light foundation and concealing, little mascara, little highlight and contour, lip balm and THAT'S IT!  I wanted the skin dewy and fresh...just like a skin care ad!

Just a side story.  I was doing a second day of shooting w/ Torlys today and the one corporate Torlys guy comes up to me and asks what I did for the male actor Jay b/c he looked so natural.  I said just a bit of moisturizer, green primer to tone down the red and a light dusting of powder foundation and some lip balm and hair pomade - That's It!  He then commented on how before when they had ppl come in to do a video one of their corporate guys that was in the video had a full face on w/ lipstick and everything.

This is not the first time I've heard of this sort of thing for male actors.  I explained to him it was kind of a dated approach and now w/ things being HD and everything you really just want to clean up the actors and make them look natural - you don't want to see the makeup.  Sometimes I feel some artists don't trust their work or skills enough to just let it be natural, it's almost like they HAVE to show that they are necessary and therefore feel the need to make sure it's obvious someone had their makeup done when in reality just doing it really clean and having ppl wonder if the person is wearing makeup is actually a lot more impressive and effective.

Anyway, here are the pics!
Alex (Next)
 Andrea (Next)
 Bea (Elite)


Joanna said...

Looks soooo great! I agree with you on actor make-up. No need to be 'made up'. I need you to do my make up every day!

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Vicki Suddaby MUA said...

Awesome work!