Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting Pretty Good at this Wedding Hair Thing!

It's a Sat. so of course I had another wedding job!  Today I was just doing hair though.  It's so funny just last year I was actually turning away clients that were asking me for rates for doing just hair at a wedding b/c I didn't feel confident a lot can change in a yr lol.  This is actually the 3rd wedding I've done in the past 6 mths where I've just done fact my wedding job  next Sat. is just hair as well! 

Usually this happens b/c the bride already has a friend or relative that is a makeup artist and therefore they only need a hair person...think of all the money I'd be missing out on if I didn't do hair lol.  I swear half my brides hire me b/c I do both.  So far I don't have ANY weddings booked yet where I'm just doing makeup. 

It was a really relaxed group today which was great, all the girls were so nice and easy going.  Not too early of a start - 10:15 am and they didn't have to be ready until 2 pm so there was LOTS of time to just take my time and not feel rushed. I was doing 4 hair including the bride.  It was also probably the first time where I was going to do just hair and I felt pretty relaxed...usually I'm a bit nervous if I'm just doing hair on set or at a wedding but today I just felt good.  The hair gods were definitely w/ me too b/c IMO everyone looked great and they seemed happy so that makes me happy!  It was also nice just to carry my hair kit...God I forget how light that thing is and how easy it is to transport when I don't have my makeup kit w/ me lol!

I had actually done a trial on the bride a couple of mths ago and it went really well.  She's not really a girly girl but the romantic loose curl bun really looked great on her.  I was glad the trial went well b/c it was actually the 2nd hair trial she had...the first was w/ a real hair person...and she liked what I did BETTER!

Whenever I'm doing hair I like to give each girl their own style and make each hairstyle a little different, even if they want the same thing or something very similar. 

W/ Beatrice, the Bride as I mentioned I did a loose romantic curl side bun that I was actually super happy w/.  I love the addition of the small white just really made the whole hairstyle IMO.

Her Maid of Honour Sarah just wanted a simple half up/half down do w/ curls.

 Her one Bridesmaid Kiera wanted a sort of messy updo w/ a braid woven through the front.  This girl had A LOT of hair and although it didn't turn out exactly like the pics she sent I think it looked pretty great to be honest.

Her final Bridesmaid BJ (Bobbi-Jo) said I could do whatever I wanted.  Her hair was just above the shoulders and a bit on the finer side so I decided to do a really elegant French Twist type style w/ some volume through the top...her's looked great in person but the side pictures don't do it justice (I tried to avoid front on pictures b/c I didn't do the makeup).

Another wedding tomorrow hope it goes just as well!

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