Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Princess & Her Special Day

Every little girl dreams about growing up and being a princess on her wedding day.  Of course as we get older and mature the idea of what a "princess" is to us evolves and develops to fit our personality and style but no matter what on your wedding every bride wants to at least feel like a "princess". 

Last Sat. I had the pleasure of working w/ a lovely bride named Bre-Ann.  When I think of that traditional idea of a princess bride Bre-Ann and her bridal style fit it perfectly.  From the dress, to the veil, to the tiara, to the hair and makeup she empitomized the idea of a princess!  Plus she was getting married at Casa Loma (one of my fav. wedding destination in Toronto) you can't get much more princess then that IMO.

I think what really added to the whole princess look was the hair extensions I made for Bre-Ann (I make extensions for a lot of my brides actually).  They blended in beautifully w/ her blonde hair and really gave her that beautiful, long and full look she was going for and the look that SO MANY brides want these days - you know half up w/ a soft curl.  It's really great to experiment w/ clip in extensions and I can't think of a better time then your wedding.  They are a fun, non permanent, non damaging way to give your hair the fullness, length and body you've always dreamed of (or at least I have w/ my straight, flat hair lol). 

For her makeup I gave her a really pretty shimmery purple/grey smokey eye and pink lip gloss.  Bre-Ann was actually a lot more tan then when I did the initial trial a few mths ago which looked great on her and really did actually help to camouflage a lot of the natural redness in her face but I have to admit I'm still NOT A FAN of tanning.  1. It's unhealthy and it prematurely ages the skin 2. It really dries out the skin and a lot of times makes it harder for the foundation to lay nicely on the matter how much moisturizing you do sometimes it just sits on top of the skin!

I actually used a different foundation on Bre-Ann then at the trial.  At the trial I used Yaby liquid foundation and set it w/ Yaby powder foundation.  Because her skin was a bit drier I wanted to use soemthing a little more dewy so I went w/ the Face Atelier liquid foundation which looked gorgeous and really left a nice glow to the skin.  It's also a great foundation choice for more mature clients - 1. b/c their skin can tend to be on the dry side and it is more dewy 2. the silicone helps it from laying in fine lines and wrinkles which is always a good thing :)

I never actually got to see Bre-Ann all done up in her dress which is unfortunate b/c I love seeing my brides completely finished if possible so I really hope she sends me a couple of pictures from the actual wedding b/c I KNOW she will look gorgeous in them.

I want to send a special thanks to Ashley Readings for helping me that day w/ all the hair and for doing the final hairstyling on Bre-Ann.

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